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My Lost Theory - A Wager by Matt_Centric

Hello everyone. I am a long time lurker, first time poster. I have been rewatching the seasons for the umpteenth time in hopes of finishing them all before Season 6 begins and in doing so I came up with a theory I believe could be accurate, however where better to turn to for constructive criticism then the good folks here at DarkUfo. So before I begin I must say this theory is very straight forward. My theory doesn't answer every question to Lost, it really focuses on the "why" of the situation.

So before I tell you my straight forward theory on the show, I will highlight some of the major occurrences or themes in the show that I drew from for my theory.

I will begin with the Valenzetti Equation. According to the Sri Lanka video the Valenzetti Equation "predicts the exact number of years and months until humanity extinguishes itself." It is also stated that the purpose of the DI is to change these numbers in order to prevent the destruction of mankind.

Next the Donkey Wheel. In the opening episode of season 5 we watch as the DI drills into the stone as they attempt to build "The Orchid". Work comes to a stop and a scan of the rock reveals The Donkey Wheel. Obviously the DI did not create the Donkey Wheel, it was there long before their arrival.

Richard clearly does not age, although he is not alone, it would appear as though Jacob does not age either. Jacob looks the same when he sitting on the beach with the man in black watching the Black Rock roll in as he does when he is murdered presumably may years later. I will get back to this.

Lastly, the scene in the season 5 finale with MIB and Jacob on the beach, when MIB and Jacob exchange pleasantries. "It only ends once, everything to that point is just progress".

My theory is this, Jacob and the MIB are from the future, a future in which they either witnessed the destruction of the majority of mankind or a future in which they are aware that the destruction of mankind kind is inevitable. Obviousely in this future time travel has been discovered, and MIB and Jacob are about to put it to good use. Jacob believes mankind can be saved, that through freewill humanity can change the core values to the valenzetti equation and save the world, the MIB disagrees, he believes mankind is doomed to repeat the same errors over and over.

So when two people have a disagreement and they each believe strongly in their stance, of course a wager has to be made. After all a wager makes everything more interesting. The donkey wheel or time machine is built on the island. I would suspect its the properties of the island that allow the donkey wheel to work. We know that there are places on earth with special properties, the healer that rose visited, Richard Malkin, this theme had been brought up more than once.

So the wager is simple, Jacob believes that through freewill humanity can change, the MIB disagrees. However there are rules to this wager, and when a wager of such importance and magnitude is struck, you can't just depend on each other to abide by the rules of the wager, a mediator is required and this is Richard Alpert. If we can assume that you will not age on the island if you are sent back to a time before you're birth, then this would explain why Richard and Jacob have not aged.

When we see Jacob off the island he is clearly recruiting people to return, he knows that these are the people who have the best chance at changing the equation... he needs them on that island, and he has known this for some time as we see him visit Kate and Sawyer when they are children.

So to close I go back to the conversation on the beach "It only ends once, everything to that point is just progress" If we can assume that indeed Jacob has the ability or power to recruit who he needs on the island then I propose, everyone who has ever ended up on the island, or played a role in the DI has been recruited by Jacob. Everyone is a piece of the puzzle, each fulfilling a task to reach the final goal of saving the world.

So there you go,let me know what you think. Be gentle, first time poster remember.

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