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Polar Bears by Da Bears

This is not really a theory, however it does point out something that has been overlooked in everyone's theories that start from the beginning.

If there is in fact time loops how did they all start? Everything needs a jumping off point or else they will just stay static, and on the linear path they are supposed to.

The very first time skip...a Polar Bear did it!

Charlatte found the remains of a polar bear in Tunisia right where the "exit" is from the FDW.

I do not know what it facilitated nor do I know it is was the very first time skip but this is the only explanation as to why their was a Polar Bear in the middle of the desert.

Maybe the initial push by the polar bear actually made the island to constantly skip in time.

This has been bothering me because I know the bear in Tunisia has something crazy to do with the story but I cant figure out what.

Please let me know if there are any additional ideas to this post

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