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Innocluations by B3

Alright, after looking on Lostpedia for a little more info, I realize that this theory has been mentioned before, but the idea is new to me, so I’ll submit it to be torn apart by all of you…lol.

First, it was originally assumed that the inoculation/vaccine prevented a “sickness”, but we have come to find out that this so-called sickness is either: 1)time-related- as in the cases of Desmond/Minkowski, or 2) smokey-related, as was the case with Danielle’s crew.

Further, we also know that Desmond’s button-pushing partner Inman told him to take the shots, but it should be noted that this also appears to be a part of the con to keep Desmond from leaving that post, because we know he didn’t worry about getting sick since he took his mask off.

We also saw Doc Ray give Minkowski an unknown shot aboard the freighter, even though they appeared to know that it was all time-related. Could this all mean that the inoculations might serve to keep people grounded in the present?

Think about it. We also know that Claire would have been fine without the “vaccine”, because she conceived off-island. Juliet could have told them that. So what is up with these shots? One response I’ve already gotten to this question is that; Maybe it would be a giant paradox if Aaron were to be born in another time.

Similarly, another thought is, what would have happened if Desmond were to time-flash with the donkey wheel? No one might be there to push the button or turn the fail-safe key. Perhaps the shots were formulated to prevent such occurrences.

Finally, here’s the clincher. This also explains why the others don’t timeflash too, which is a question I’ve been wondering about for quite some time. I mean, I like theories like Cass’s which suggest that the pile-ons and/or temple might create a safe-haven from changes to the timeline, but in that particular case, they don’t appear to be within that area, and John was standing right beside them when he flashed.

Richard could even see the flash too, despite them not seeing the white flash from Ben and Flockes point of view later when Richard removes the bullet from John’s leg. So how could Richard and the others see the flash coming the first time, but not be affected by it?

Of course, when it comes to the innocluation issue, there’s a good possibility it could be a placebo too, but if anyone has a better explanation for why the Other’s didn’t flash, now’s the perfect time to prove this theory wrong.

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