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simply, the pilot for the tv show lost is one of the greatest pieces of television created. Most will say it is due to the amazing beginning, the quick way the writers were able to detail 14 main characters in two hours of air time- or the strange and mysterious island that gets the viewer's brain turning with wonder.

But now actually what I see was so great about the pilot, was the writers/producers of the show laid out everything that was going to happen, all in that pilot episode. Brilliant actually.

Those who have claimed the show is running with a time loop are definitely correct- and there are some good theories out there on the net and youtube that show how Jack when waking up on the island is likely not waking up from a “crash,” but waking up from the previous loop- realizing that he has begun the island loop all over again.

What I want to point to in this post that is different, is the possibility that Kate and Sawyer are also awakening on the island with memories of the previous loop- and in fact others are as well. They may not have total memory of the previous loops, just pieces or parts of them.
Both Kate and Sawyer, like Jack, were not seen on the beach among the people clammering for their lives after the crash. Due to the cuffs found in the jungle, it is clue that Kate also awoke in the jungle. When she first meets Jack, as she is heading for the beach, she seems surprised to see him- yet familiar with him as well. That entire scene of the stitching scene could very well be not only symbolic for the re-stitching of time- but watch how they interact as they are trying to see what they each know, yet may not want to let on what they know to the other one.

The Sawyer one is a bit more interesting. We don't see much of him in the pilot, one of the first things he does is to pick a fight with Sayid claiming he was the one in the handcuff. This would make sense if he is trying to protect Kate, knowing she was in the cuffs- so tries his best to move attention away from her. The next we see of him is reading the letter he wrote as a boy, when he sees the party led by Kate and Sayid marching into the jungle. He springs up very quickly to join them- along with his gun. This would make sense if he was again trying to protect Kate, and remembering the group (which perhaps did not include Kate on the first loop) came in contact with the polar bear. Sawyer did not run from the bear like everyone else- and I don't think it was just because he had a gun he wasn't afraid- for he should have had no idea what was coming, but he knew for sure that it was a polar bear- so stood his ground.

During the scene we hear Kate yell for him “Sawyer” yet to this point in the pilot unlike the others, we have not seen him introduce himself to anyone. So just how does Kate know his name? As well the scene where she reminds him that he has not been with a girl “just like me,” as if acknowledging a sameness and a difference at the same time, while further on- in episode 3 I believe, Kate tells Sawyer not walk alone in the jungle. Why? “Trust me.”

The amazing part of this episode is the final scene, with the group trying to understand the French transmission. Sayid is the first to explain it aloud. This transmission is ON A LOOP. Right there they told you that the show is actually a loop, not just the continually playing French transmission. They let the cat out of the bag right in the pilot, but most everyone got so connected to Charlie's final line- “where are we,” they forgot to check and see if his question should have been “when are we?” The transmission is going through a loop, and so too are the others.
How much each of then know is hard to be certain of. Kate may have memories of Charlie, how she knew of him but would have never known him as a band member, or why she and Sayid in episode 4 claim to say “we can start again” and then seem to be holding hands when Jack walks up. Former lovers, coming together over the Ben shooting and he saving him- or who knows from the previous loop.

If you watch these episodes from the first year again with the knowledge of who knows how much from previous loops, so many things stand out as possibilities. The writers may have of course left many possibilities open for future use if they wanted to- it may seem 7-8 of the survivors could have loop memories, but in the end only 1 or 2 will. We shall have to wait and see.

But Sayid's line “its a loop” is the hidden key that unlocks the whole show, and right in the first episode. BRILLIANT!

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