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We all know that AAA(the actor that plays Mr.Eko was not happy and left the show,had he stayed-the powers that be had bigger plans for Eko and here is what I think)........



Eko proved to be a very complicated man more then Jack or any of the Others...In my opinion and theory-It was originally in MIB's plan to choose Eko for his escape,but Eko ultimately foiled MIB's plan and the man in Black was forced to go with his alternate...JOHN LOCKE.

You see. MIB and EKO are very similar in many ways and when reading EKO's history-MIB found his true match of a body he's been looking for his "Exit stage left" plan,so before I give you the reasons why he would choose Eko-let me give you the similarities between the two men.....


1)Both men cared and loved their brothers deeply but did not see
eye-to-eye on how the world and society is.

2)Both men choose to live in a Village(Eko's he originally grew-up in as a kid and choose later to come back as an adult) and help further the village's progress.

3)....Both men also had alternate personal reasons( but were actually good intentions) EKO to get the drugs away from his village and all MIB wanted was to be FREE and see the world(absolutely nothing wrong with this, and he actually wanted this before he turned supernatural and nothing bad would have came from this if he left as a mortal man....nothing at all).

4)Both men were BASTARDS(Fatherless) and then ORPHANS(If you noticed Eko and Yemi was raised by the church/village orphanage-I think Eko and Yemi's parents died from being sick-that's why the Vaccine/and money for the village was important to Eko).

5)BOTH Men had the ability to see GHOST and SPIRITS.


So to MIB, of all the Losties he could relate to....it would be EKO.

Why Eko?

1)MIB could relate to him and prob would feel comfortable in Eko's body.

2)Eko was 36 at his time of death and a pretty fit guy and healthy(When the Island was sinking, MIB became mortal-so would you rather be a healthy big as crap man who has at least a good 40-50 years of life in him who knowing Eko, prob has a stash of money waiting for MIB or a 48yr old man with health problems and prob has a good 20-30 years of life left)? A lot of people like to believe MIB wanted Aaron's body but if that was the case...MIB would be reborn and pretty much would forget everything that has happened and then that would make everything he was doing pointless.


There were TWO versions of YEMI(Like Christian) running around the Island(MIB/Yemi's ghost)....As Yemi-he lead Eko to the Red flower field to get one last thing from Eko before his plans to "Off" him is that he needed Eko to have regret and total despair and ask him for forgiveness(If you noticed-all the human people that MIB impersonated were all good people who lost hope and were seeking forgiveness or something better for their lives).

YEMI- Priest. A good man who lost hope for his brother and feared for his village.

Alex- Teenager. A good girl who lost hope and faith that her Father(Ben), was a good man.

CHRISTAIN- Doctor,Father. A good man till he got lost in the bottle and lost hope that he will ever mend the rift in he and Jack's relationship....in the end, he asked for forgiveness from Jack unknown via through Sawyer at the bar and actually got it later on(it was almost like Sawyer was the message in the bottle that got thrown across the ocean).

But wait!.....


He DID NOT need forgiveness. He was Happy and proud how he lived his life with no regret and basically when this went down....it pissed MIB off and he knew EKO had to go and he went his alternate(John Locke).Even though Eko went down a bloody road to save Yemi and his village, he really was a good man who just did it the wrong way(same goes for MIB he too was a good man,he just went the wrong way about it).


MIB also tested John just like Eko(But instead,saw light and not Black Smoke like Eko saw). John's asked for forgiveness his whole life. John went through life with NO HOPE and Despair...so all he need was for John to die(but this time, he smartened-up and used Ben for this)..and taking John off the island and showing John Helen's gravestone was what pretty much did it for Locke. And I have said this before,but....Locke's life and Happiness is like CHARLIE BROWN.....Every time Charlie Brown goes to kick that Football, Lucy pulls it away from him and makes him fall on his face....Just like John Locke and his life( John never got cut a break, but some people are like that in life).

I feel that Eko was going to be MIB in the end if AAA didn't leave the show.And remember what the Doctor played on the tape for Eko at the morgue of what CHARLOTTE MALKIN said waking-up from Autopsy table screaming..."LET JOHN LOCKE GO"!

Eko was a deep and interesting character....I wish we could have seen what they were going to really do with him?

Like always, enjoy folks!

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