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So I have posted a theory about the Lighthouse before, but I never combined it with the right joining theories and missing elements to truly understand what was going on with the Lighthouse and the names on it and the whole deal with the mirrors and Jacob's visit with those on the list. The Lighthouse right off the bat, fascinated me-it's look is overwhelming and raised a great question when Hurley asked "If this has been here the whole time,then how come we never came across it before"?

Well, first off-Jacob was not a very bright person,as a matter of fact...he is pretty naive and never truly asked important questions(you could pretty much tell him something and he would believe you)....unlike his, bro who was inquisitive and very scientific(it was MIB who figured out how to manipulate the light&water via Donkey wheel 1st). But in defense of Jacob-He was a very artsy and creative guy(He made his own clothes and art design projects using a spinning wheel/sewing machine).

But one thing could be said for BOTH men...you live for a little over 2,000 years...you can learn a lot about things...and Jacob might not have been too bright,but he did show us through out what little we did see of him,is that he was a good listener(so this tells me that he is open to learning new things/skills).

Now that I have said that....let's talk about the Lighthouse....


Jacob DID NOT build this structure due to the fact that he is one man and I feel that it was there already due to the Egyptian glyphs on the wall of the lighthouse.Was it a lighthouse at first? I don't think it was....I think it was a Tower that was made into a Lighthouse later on down the line in time. If you noticed-it was modified into one and one thing I did noticed....it was locked from the outside and Jack had to kick the door in. This makes me think that at one point in time, the Egyptians were keeping someone(or something) locked in the tower(sorta like a Rapunzel-type prison)...could this person have been Mother at one point(were the glyphs some type of binding spell to keep her/it in the tower)?....well....that's not the important thing....the important thing is how and why it was modified? And who modified it? I think as kids, Jacob and MIB prob played in it along with many of their Island adventures and with their curiosity-they more then likely got the spyglass from the wreckage of the ship(just like the senet game)and would use it to take turns looking Across the Sea, having dreams of what might be out there.....


Jacob and MIB had a list of everyone that stepped on that Island...before any of those people ever set foot on it-How is this possible? The brothers COULD NOT see or predict the future. The only gift that was given to them is that they were bestowed by Mother-Immortality.Notice that RICHARD ALPERT(who arrived on the Island in 1867) WAS NOT on the list, but who was on that list?...All of the Freighter people,Oceanic 815,French science team and the majority of DHARMA and some of the Others. So how could this be? It couldn't be possible.For two men to have these names who know nothing of the real world? Well the creepy thing is I believe the list existed before 1867-why?cause neither man knew who Richard was and from what we have been shown....Jacob and MIB knew everyone on that list(except Richard who was not on it).So once again....how is this possible?


Like Mr.Eko,Ben,and Hurley....MIB WAS SPECIAL.Why? cause he could see,talk,and hear ghost/spirits.All of the spirits/ghost have actually helped/warned/or dropped important information to the people that see them(they never once hurt the people that seen them).What does this have to do with anything? A Lot!.....


When MIB was in his Twenties...He had the whole SCIENTIFIC DIG(Hmmm?) going on and the Donkey Wheel all ready to go(until Mother destroyed the village)....so how did he learn all of this science and were to dig? We know he wanted off, but in his twenties-he was so sure and confident that this was his time to get off the Island....who put this in his head?


Almost 2,000 years ago.You are MIB in his twenties. You are walking along the open field of the Jungle and you stumble upon a woman lying dead in the jungle.It's not Mother or any village woman you have seen before. She is dressed in attire that you have never seen before and that she is wearing some type of blue tough pants like a male would wear and a form fitting orange shirt that a woman of that era WOULD NOT wear. You see an odd metal band around her wrist that is displaying odd types of numbers and emitting a type of energy or heat from it's glass shell(Is this magic-some supernatural source)? As you look to examine the contents in her pocket, you find several pieces of paper folded with many names on it(not hand written but printed like if some type of press and when taken the time...around 360 names on that list).Shockingly! You hear a woman's voice with an accent startling you from behind saying "That's me"...and you ask, "who are you"? and she replies....."Charlotte".


Charlotte's ghost taught MIB science, gave him the list of names and taught him everything that Faraday taught her and explained to her about the Island-after Mother destroyed the well...


Charlotte's ghost helped MIB set-up the LIGHTHOUSE as a monitor/navigation station with the use of the mirrors and dial w/ the names on it. Faraday was able to notice "How the light scatters differently" and I think with the Location of the Lighthouse/the use of the mirrors and the dial in the right setting/and the properties of the Island. MIB was able to see into the lives of the people on the dial through the mirrors.(Side Note: I wonder if MIB used Charlotte's body to modify the Lighthouse cause if he did work on the lighthouse,it would be after MIB's original body died-but no matter what body he used, he was always able to take on his original appearance until they buried Locke's body,trapping him in Locke's body for good)


At one point,Jacob figures out that MIB is using the Lighthouse and locks it up (and prob ashes it up,we just don't see it there-cause they didn't show us or MIB realized that he wasn't able to leave the Island so easy after being turned into Smokey,so it might have been no more use to him)...so Jacob figures it out and then...


...monitors all the people on the dial(especially the people that Charlotte had files on and if you noticed-all the people that Jacob touched, Charlotte had a lot of interaction with and those people told her some of their back stories).When times were right and he was needed(or Richard)...they would leave the Island and come back when done(it appeared like time travel,but it wasn't....they just never aged).


...As for Jacob bringing Locke back to life after falling 8 stories? I can't figure that out? I mean...if that was one of Jacob's gifts-then why not revive Mother? MIB? Did he use slight of had and pour some Temple water in his mouth? Who knows?

....Once again,enjoy folks!

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