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The tattoo on the Lost island by TheNINEball

So I came across this saying from the bible "Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh FOR THE DEAD, nor print any marks on you. I am the Lord". Leviticus 19:28. I thought about how people today get tattoos of profound meanings with Japanese or other ancient characters, and they will think that's what they got but to natives of the language it could mean "fish-faced dumptruck". So the infamous scene of an imprisoned Jack speaking with a woman named Isabelle regarding his tat is so important. The misinterpretation occurring between the two is most certainly a "native" of the outside world recognizing the true meaning of the mark while Jack knows what he really is destined to be. So the Thai artist, Achara, falsely 'marked' Jack to hide his true identity from those he would be walking among on the island as any sort of leader among any particular group. Obviously right? But did this protect him or hinder him? I don't recall anyone(Losties) noticing his tattoo other than Isabelle. I believe she was 'special' in these regards and definitely a younger Heloise.

I think the tattoo was meant for the 'guardians' of Jack to recognize one thing should they die and for 'others' to see another. Was Jack at risk for being 'exposed' at this moment? Probably not, 'crafty' Heloise was most likely stating the ironic regarding his mark. Does the Lost Finale make the marked meaning even more ironic as he ended up in the same sanctuary? Jack's best man was "Mark Silverman". Juliet was also marked before her mission of infiltration within the survivors camp to expose her 'to the dead' whoever they could have been. Now I have to see if Nikki or Paolo("EXPOSE") had any tattoos. My 'lost' tattoo would say 'hundred hours spent but no minute gained" or "travels great distances to reach the nearest place" What would yours say?

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