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The hatches of the 4 by TheNINEball

The '4' is the number of birds involved(dove,gull,chicken,and Hurleybird)or protectors. The '8' is the number of eggs or 'hatches'. Hurley was the big hatch as he simply had a cluckitycluckcluck day but sure loved eating chicken so he would be of a large bird. Desmond was a 'cowardly' hatch of the chicken as his clue was that he woke up naked after negating his own failsafe(or having his shell broken for him). John was a broken-winged hatch from the swan who broke Des' shell for him. Ben was a gull hatch as you know how those smart harassing community driven birds can be. Other 'hatches' can be guessed. 15 and 16 are one divine man and one woman selected. '23' refers to people like Cindy,Zach and Emma,etc who are the flock that is protected. They are chosen to simply watch or migrate,"Watch Cindy! Go watch!!as they flock past Jack in his cage. The '42' are all reps of a different kind who are used to doing watching themselves and are selected by a format of 21 each of different 'suits' as referenced by Boones shirt of four cards that he wore often enough. Red is the good and black is the bad. Look for signs of red throughout and you will find the goodies. 'The one' red chocolate in Sun's candy box. The red cars. They are defined as well by their roles in life...cop,enforcer,lifeguard,addict. The number 42 grows larger one by one as evident in "Man of Science,Man of Faith" as Sarah is wearing a huge number 44 on her shirt. Angels got their wish to become special or 'dance again'(freewill) The constant reminders of the numbers is to give us relationship and sequence. Jack's phone number 1523 (shepherd of the flock)or The chopper leaving the island N842M.

Now, how were they born? not from literal eggs. ANIMAL POSSESSION. It would have to be accepted that these 'island people' were of the arcane and supernatural like Genies in a bottle. They did a little getting around. Arrive by bird and live like man. If you believe the 42 were 'angels' amongst us than they also arrived by bird and lived like man. Jack 'believed' John in flashforward, because John wrote a suicide note saying" I wish you had believed me" and lo and behold it happens. Jack awakes on the island with the torn note saying only "I wish.." In "Par Avion" Desmond finds the gull nest hidden in the cliffs. The chasing/slaughter of the chicken. The message to the gull to bring back help. If you notice in the episode "Eggtown" John states there were only two eggs left in the house from the carton of eight(six are removed). A bird crashes into Walt's window because he was thinking of one. The large aviary cages. So theory here is that either realm can only be found by flight if you can follow the coordinates. Otherwise, scientific means of the portal must be used by others. Were others sharks or bears? Probably. Mikael and Bea certainly seemed partial to resurrection. I like to think of that Dharma shark as being Mikael. Didn't Desmond shoot him with a harpoon gun? Look up genie animal possession and resurrection.
This all sounds "cuckoo" but how can one not enjoy marrying together the ideas of magic and religion. Way more fun than the bummer purgatory theories if you ask me. Oh, can't wait to see the 'tweets' I get from this one.

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