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This is part 2 and the second to last theory I will post. It will be on favorite episodes, why they worked and why the end failed.

Okay so here is my favorite episodes and why they worked.

The Incident Parts 1 and 2- These are my 3 favorite episodes of Lost. I'll bullet why here.

- Jacob and The Man In Black- This may have been the greatest scene in Season 5. In five minutes we were given the whole plot of the show. At first this scene did not make much sense to me. I saw a ship that I assumed was the Black Rock. Then Jacob and the soon to be Man In Black. They discuss. At first I really thought that Jacob was god and satan was M.I.B. I thought this all the way up to Across The Sea which destroyed and muddled these two characters. I personally would've disregarded Across The Sea and just kept Ab Aeterno for their history. Keeping the plot like this would've caused less confusion with M.I.B., which I will discuss later. However, this didn't happen. Nevertheless, this scene led to a great mindbending scene which was...

- Seeing the Dead John Locke. I thought he was resurrected. John Locke knew everything, he was going to lead the Island and take care of whatever needed to get done. Then something happenend. He wanted to kill Jacob. Something was up. When John's body flew out of that coffin. I realized that John was The Man In Black and everyone on Lost was in deep sh*t. Using the same so called cliff hanger ending again with dead John Locke worked on so many levels.

- Ben's scene with Jacob. It was spell binding and mesmerizing. For once it seemed that Ben was actually trying to do the right thing which shocked me. This seemed to go with Ben's philosophy. Everything he did he believed was for the good of the Island. However, their was a tinge of jealousy. It was brilliant. Jacob gets killed and M.I.B. kicks him into the fire. M.I.B. would die in ironically the same way in The End.

- However, the 1977 timeline was even crazier. What struck me was the craziness of Jack. Jack seemed like he had gone completely insane. He shot at people in Dharmaville and killed more people. He was just shooting people trying to detonate and kill everyone on the Island to reboot everything. He didn't flat out care what would happen. It was LAX baby! In every way he was acting like an atagonist. Yet I was rooting for him. In fact I was glad everyone was trying to stop him. Seeing the Sawyer vs. Jack fight was awesome. I also thought someone was going to tragically die in this scene. It was just crazy .The crazy insanity of Season 5 started with time skipping and Daniel Faradays death. It was already mindf*cking but the next scene sealed the deal for my favorite scene.

- The detonation with Juliet. Okay the bomd didn't work with Juliet falling down the well. Now it appeared it did after the finale. Juliet, shockingly still alive, slammed the bomb. Then the white lost logo. They should've actually kept this for season 6 but they didn't. Just brillance after brillance with this finale. Looking back now I believe that this was when Lost reached its height. It was the best action packed Series Finale of Lost. However, Juliets detonation is now usless which irks me thanks to Season 6 and The End. However, this is the episode I try to remember Lost by. It was perfectly executed and better then the end. It is my favorite episode and hit all the right notes.

- Okay my second favorite episode of Lost was in Season 6. In fact it was really the only episode from season 6 that I consider in my top five. It was Ab Abterno. All say this right now. You can agree or disagree with me. It was the best episode of Season 6. This was season's 6 high point. Richard Alpert was fantastic. Having the Man In Black and Jacob intertwined with this character was beautifuly done. Knowing the crap that would come after (accept The Candidate and What They Died For) made me realize that this was where Lost reached another all time high. Then realizing how great it could've been the writers got nervous and then collapsed. The downfall was the sideways reality. Largely uncessary now. Why it was bad is hard to explain. (If you want clarification read Jacob's Creek theory.) Ab Aeterno should've been the end for Jacob and The Man In Black. Who cares how Smokey was formed . If we have to make Jacob a killer, whiner and live with his psycho fake mom to have the origin of the smoke monster, I would've gladly passed. This should be the end to the Jacob M.I.B. flashbacks . We get everything we need to know with this episode. However, I will take a stab at the end after explaining my third favorite episode.

- Through The Looking Glass is my third favorite episode. People may be shocked in me not including the constant in my list. The reason why is because Through The Looking Glass saved Lost . It renergized Lost and saved it from the oblivion of cancellaiton. It got me hooked again. Jack vs. Ben, Charlies Death, Locke vs. Jack and Sawyers bada*ss moment with Tom Friendly stick out in my mind. Season 3 was horrendous however it ended perfectly. Sadly, this cannot be said with Season 6.

Why The End did not deliver

- I agree with the whole notion that The End was a long con. However, I want to expand on this. The writers took the safe route with the finale. This does not work on many different levels. The writers, Cuse and Lindelof, never took the easy route before. In none of the Season Finale's can I say they took the easy route. They took the easy route and played it safe with The Series Finale. I will explain this in a long paragraph. If you want more read Jacob's Creeks theory. Here's my take.

- (Warning do not read this if you liked the series finale. If you were unsatisfied, hated it or on the fence read on..) We were given reunion scenes in an attempt to make us emotional, bawl and feel sad. It was attempt/illusion to make us forget about the loose ends, plot holes and underwhelming development occuring in the on island reality. Also, not only did this not work on so many levels, it destroyed the whole point of the Islands function. The Island was an attempt for redemption. Why did the Sideways reality negate this? Why were they still just as sinful and full of the same issues in the FS? The whole concept of the on island reality was destroyed, M.I.B. going home was never fully explained and he was not even given a name! Dare I say this. Did Jack really die for nothing? Was M.I.B. right? We weren't really given a full flat out answer to what the cork meant and why M.I.B. couldn't leave the Island. Sure we can interpret say the source without the cork destroys the afterlife, turns the world into a black abyss but once again were interpreting. What the h*ll Lost! Why did you do this. Why go the science route and suddenly turn it into some sort of religious parable! Whats the point. I guess Ben would say, "Who Cares? What's done is done" right? However, I still have a bad pit in my stomach. Every time I watch it the Series Finale gets horribly worse. Jack's death scene should and could have been the greatest scene in the history of television. Instead it was muddled and destroyed by the Flash Sideways. Simply replacing the Flash Sideways with the people on the plane would have made it flat out perfect and possibly fixed the finale. Enough with the finale! It makes me sort of sick thinking about it. However, it was not flat out bad. Two more thoughts on Lost.

The Fans that's right (us) may have destroyed Lost. We were demanding answers and got some answers. Lindelof and Cuse said they might give us a flashback on the smoke monster. Note they said might give us a flashback. They were probably mulling the idea realizing Across The Sea was not that great. We demanded it. They were probably mulling the idea in their heads write before they wrote the thing. However, I demanded it and many people expected it. Well the episode was handed to us and it turned into a spectacular episode of cr*p. It almost fully negated the tension of the Candidate. It made the Source less powerful/corny when it was revealed again in the Series Finale. Looking back I realize that the answers were horrifyingly bad. The whispers were dead people trapped on the island. Does anyone think Michael's fate completely s*cked for him? Honestly, Michael killed Libby and Anna Lucia. Sayid, Sawyer and Kate did horrible deeds that were just as bad in my opinion. He did not deserve to be stuck on the island. It also explains why Walt was not really introduced either. (Since Walt and Michael were interchangeable.) In other words one cannot be seen without the other. Unless you want, "Wallllllllllttttttt!" rants and my son ramblings. Now I realize that Lost was not about the answers at all. It was about the mysteries. The whispers and the Man In Blacks origin should have been left alone. If this was done the Man In Black and Jacob could have been interpreted in many different ways. Adam and Eve, The Outrigger chase, The Hurley Bird. Honestly who cares. This is not a win win situation. Their were three roots the writers could have taken. I'll break them down here.

- No answers at all. Just Ab Aeterno answers. That's it.

- Some answers given and others left unanswered

-Answer every question imagineable and make everyone happy. (Which is impossible in 18 episodes. Unless you don't spend time with the Flash Sideways and instead give mythology flashbacks starring Jacob and The Man In Black in every flash back. I like the first option and this refined option)

Finally, The End disappoints for this reason. Lost, explained by Damon and Cuse was always about the characters. That may be true. However, for everyone else it was about the mysteries. In a nutshell it all comes down to this issue. This is why The End failed, did not work or was plagued by flaws. Too bad. I'm still somewhat disappointed. At least Futurama starts soon.

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