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Bunnies + Time Travel = Key to LOST by jv16

I earlier noted that time travel was the key to LOST. Now, I am extending my theory to include bunnies.

I am trying to create a grand unification theory for LOST. That is, I want to tie together everything, even dropped plot points and possible oversights of the creators.

The shoes on the dead bodies?
The people in the other outrigger?
Hurley's girlfriend's last name (uh...what is her first name again?)?

It is almost impossible to determine the useful data from the useless, but it is all we have to work with.

I think the most useful thing to determine is the original nature of the smoke monster: not Flocke, MIB, or even the momster. I mean its original manifestation and its origin.

Earlier, I noted that the place where MIB and Jack "appeared" was the exit from the magic pond (just like Tunisia is the exit for the Orchid station).

Looking back on the finale, I believe there was a time shift to the recent past in using that exit. We see the Ajira plane fly over a dying Jack at the end, but we know it took off at least several minutes earlier.

So, at that moment, there were two Jacks: one dying in the bamboo forest and one about to re-enter the cave of light to put the plug back in. If Jack had gone to the cave and seen himself, what might have happened?

We know from the Orchid video out-take that the two bunnies, in a similar situation, had to be kept apart to avoid a disaster.

In Jack's case, he chose to go to where he started on the island, so no problem. In MIB's case, his "teleported" version was dead, so again, no chance of him showing up and stopping Jacob from tossing him in the cave.

But...(it gets a bit dodgy here)...

suppose a bunny, in ancient times, got curious and went into the cave of light? Suppose he survived the fall, got teleported out, and then decided to return to the cave. Suppose he returned just in time to encounter himself and prevent himself from entering the cave (are bunnies territorial? Experts please comment)?

Suppose "time traveling" bunny actually kills the "hasn't entered the cave yet" bunny?

What would happen then?

Obviously, the "hasn't entered the cave yet" bunny would become a dead bunny, with a dead bunny body. But, the "time traveling" bunny shouldn't really be there at that point (because, "hasn't entered the cave yet" + "dead" = "no time traveling bunny").

Perhaps at this moment, the smoke monster is born: An entity, born of electromagnetism, the Casimir effect, and a paradox, with the intelligence of a bunny and with the ability to replicate a dead bunny body.

Bunnies are smart, crafty, protective of their warrens, and like to travel around in underground tunnels. Perhaps the original bunny came to see the whole island as his warren and hence the protective nature of the smoke monster began to manifest itself. For many, many years, the smoke-bunny ruled the uninhabited island and dug tunnels all over the place (Cerebus Vents).

Later, a woman arrived on the island and was killed when she entered the cave of light (from the fall or EM?). She teleported to the same spot where MIB and Jack would later teleport. She was dead and the smoke-bunny found it could replicate her. Now it had the intelligence of a bunny and a human. Most importantly, it now had the personality traits of a human.

The smoke-mom, with an Egyptian game, was possibly from about 2,000 BC. She had her own agenda, but underlying it was the bunny's urge to protect his warren (the island).

Later, smoke-mom overplayed her hand in trying to prevent MIB from leaving (Check out Watership Down; practically the only way to leave a warren is in a box). With her replicated body dead, the smoke entity replicates the next available dead person: MIB.

He wants to leave the island. The internal conflict of the natures of the MIB, mother, and bunny in this smoke monster leads to aggressive and unpredictable behaviour, akin to that of a rabid bunny, a crazed mother, and an antisocial sociopath all in one. Add Locke's personality traits to that and we have the smoke monster of the last two seasons.

One big key:

How do you keep bunnies out of your vegetable garden (if you have a lot of money)? A sonic deterrent. Bunnies and other such animals can be stopped with sonic fences (Chang even says that the fences are there to keep out wild life; diverse wildlife).

A smoke monster with bunny characteristics is just another form of diverse wildlife!

This theory is not fully developed yet and may seem crazy, but I am sure that among the diverse lost fans on this web site, there are those who will find it compelling.

Note that the original smoke bunny/ dead bunny pair results from time travel combined with a paradox. I thing the other smokey manifestations can be explained in a similar way, but my head is swimming from the above, so I'll leave that part for later.

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