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Ying and Yang by Tim

“Adam and Eve” = the “Mother” and MIB = Ying and Yang
When Jacob sends the MIB into the light source, the MIB comes flooding back out as the Smoke Monster, leaving the shell of his body hanging limply in the jungle. At that point, the MIB has been turned into an incarnation of Evil, the Yang. The “Mother” was always the Ying, the guardian of the light. But, just like with Ying and Yang, good has a little evil (the “Mother” kills Jacob’s and the MIB’s real mother) and evil has a little good (I suspect this will come up as the real John Locke begins to flash between realities…he might be the source of light inside FLocke that battles it out for control…the only issue with this theory is that the MIB is technically not using John Locke’s body, only his form).

I think when the “Mother” saw that the woman was having twins, she realized something special was happening, that it was sign…she then decided to kill Jacob’s and the MIB’s real mother. Consider why she gave the MIB the game…she wanted to get an idea of which side (light or dark) he would choose. She was fond of telling the MIB that he was special. She knew these children would represent the Ying and the Yang…that is why she thanked the MIB for killing her…she had accomplished her mission of bringing the light and the dark together…which was also symbolized ritually with Jacob uniting their hands in the cave and putting a white stone and black stone in the satchel with them.

Dharma Initiative = Science = Looking for Source of Light/Electromagnetism
The MIB definitely aligned himself in the past with curious men who were interested in the magical electromagnetic properties of the island. It would make sense he helped the Dharma Initiative out. But, when he saw an opportunity in Ben to exploit the Others and get what he wanted, he had the Dharma Initiative exterminated.

The Others = Religion = the Temple = Protector’s of the Island
Richard is chosen by Jacob, drinks the same wine Jacob was given by the “Mother,” and presumably acts as an intermediary between Jacob and the Others. The only issue is that the MIB exploits them…he draws Ben away from the Dharma Initiative by posing as his mother…I suspect the MIB makes a deal with Eloise Hawking (definitely a persuasive key member of the Others) that she can have her son, Daniel, back if she helps make Ben the new leader of the Others…then, he poses as Jacob and convinces both Ben and then the real Locke that he is Jacob…which allows him to exploit the loophole (the turning of the donkey wheel, Ben and Eloise convincing Jack, Hurley, Sawyer, etc. to return with Locke’s body to the island) and kill Jacob.

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