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I believe that when Jacob threw the Man In Black down the well, he was killed, for good. Every time we've previously seen MIB he was Smokey, including the scene where MIB says, "Do you have any idea how bad I want to kill you?" Because he was killed before he went into the well, Smokey took his form. This would also explain why MIB told Richard that the "Devil" took his body and humanity. Smokey is his own person, not MIB. Flocke is also Smokey, not MIB posing as Locke. I believe when Smokey claims a form, he also retains the memories and emotions of the body, which is why MIB had such strong words for Jacob before the Black Rock came and why Flocke yelled out his trademark "Don't tell me what I can't do!" Smokey has had its own agenda the whole time and I might go so far as to say the Twin's "Mother" was also Smokey, who manipulated the Twins to find out the perfect sucker for the Long Con. When she found out that Jacob would tell her anything (after he spilled the beans about the game) she took the form of the Twin's real Mother to get the game started. This is also how she destroyed a whole settlement by herself. Smokey has been trying to leave the island for a very long time and has set up every move, becoming every 'ghost' we've seen thus far. This is my first post and I'm sure I probably left out more evidence to back this theory, but maybe you can connect more dots. Thank you for reading!

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