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Wish box theory-Magic box by LostFunFromStart

I know that Darlton point us smtng about box is only Ben’s lie, but they told us that there is no theory that we are dealing with purgatory in the beginning of the series and than...
Ben’s box witch if you wish smtng that will become reality is real, that was Ben’s suggestion to Locke and than the door opens and Locks dad is in the room, he was mumbling smtng like “John do you know where are we…” .

Some of my points if you accept that there is a box on the island that grandees wishes:

-The Cave where electromagnetic current of light is mixing with water is the box.
If someone comes in contact with the mixture than what he wished for will become a reality.

-MIB in the Cave of light- Smoke monster out. (He wished for revenge, in that time in his mind the Black side of him prevailed and he created the smoky. His body was washed away after that. Smoke monster was created by the wish of Samuel. In his mind in that time something horrible was a monster of smoke and that was created.)

-Desmond in the Cave- Nothing out. (He is immune to electromagnetism so his wish doesn’t count ;)). He was out from the cave the same way he entered.

-Jack in the Cave- Sideways world created. (He wished for a second world where everyone is there and happy or better to say that the plan with hydrogen bomb worked, so the sideways world is created. His body is undamaged and washed away from the cave.)

Everyone's body is out. So MIB did not turn into a smoke monster- he created it.

Remark: If we believe Christian Shepherd that everyone of them created the sideways world so that they can find one another and than let go, and the fact that only Jack, Desmond and MIB where in the cave logically the Island itself is the magic box.

Ok, I wish :) this is the answer to the ultimate mystery (The Island)- the show gives us the opportunity to talk about the meaning of things, if you think other ways let me know.

Wonderful show, I enjoyed from the first moment to the last, and great community here at Darkufo, BUE.

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