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The cirlce is closed: jacob was the faith and MIB was the science-the progress.

i think jacob was a tyrant, he obeys predetermined rules that he don't understand and wants to impose them to everybody. That's why he wants his brother to stay on the island. the MIB repeats obsessively that all he wants is just his freedom, to go home, to leave the island, but jacob,his mother, and the others try to stop him by violence.

In other words jacob,his mother, jack and especially locke rapresent a predetermined order, they have no idea what they are doing but they have faith in rules and orders they were given. MIB is the progress,a free man who wants to do what he feels, he doesn't belong ot his mother like jacob. He doesn't accept silly rules and follows his own ideas. He also appreciate people, even though they are corrupted and selfish. He kind of "fight the system"..but the system is too strong, he finds himself alone and get crushed.

Till the end he just asks for leaving and jack tries to stop him at all costs, risking his life, for no reason but some mysterious rule. MIB hates locke above all, he considers him a sucker for believing things he don't understand.

Was not a happy ending to me. It's the triumph of preconceptions, the belief of a silly mass over the singular man opinions and innovative ideas.

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