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Okay so earlier I posted a theory that was a long the following lines. Jacob brought Desmond to the Island. Once he was brought to the island, Desmond accidentally crashed Oceanic Flight 815. This means that Desmond indirectly crashed the plane and did what Jacob wanted. Now M.I.B. knows when Jacob brings people to the island does this apply to Desmond to? I don't think so. M.I.B. saw a plane with no plausible explanation on why it crashed. As the Smoke Monster he ripped the jungle up in a fury and realized that Jacob had done a secret move on him. Desmond spent I think 2 1/2-3 years in the Swan Station. Kevin Ilman did not let him out and I think the only time he did come out was to talk to Daniel Faraday. In either case, I don't think M.I.B. knew about him then. Now would M.I.B. know that Desmond is a psychic and can predict the future. Probably not. What about his consciouness traveling through time. Probably not.

Desmond has changed. He seems nearly as powerful as M.I.B. He seems to have that all knowing smile in the on island reality. In the alternate reality he is piecing together events that are impossible unless he's getting premonitions again. Either way M.I.B wanted him dead. Desmond is like Jacob's secret weapon. However, what I'm trying to ask is who brought him here.

Desmond's life has been planned since the moment he was born. By who you ask. Charles Widmore and Eloise Hawking. Where did Eloise get all of her all knowing information from? Daniel Faraday. The reason why Eloise is the way she is is because of that notebook that contains Faraday's notes. There is so much evidence for this it is overwhelming. However, I'll just do one big example. Something that might not be right. If it is congrats. to Calton and Lidelof because its good.

Widmore orders Bin Linus to kill baby Alex. Ben doesn't want to do it because he probably isn't as heartless and manipulative yet. Widmore says Alex will die. How does Widmore know this because he's going to kill her in the future. Ben was right Widmore changed the rules. Now what did Ben do. Ben wanted vengenance. He doesn't kill Penny. Instead he shoots Desmond. Desmond is in the hospital and Widmore brings him back to the island easily. This was the whole point in Widmore changing the rules. It wasn't to add fuel to the Widmore-Ben Linus feud it was to get Desmond back to the island. He knew Desmond wanted off the island, wouldn't come back and this was the only contrived way to bring him back. What's done is done and Eloise somehow knew about this to. Why were Eloise and Widmore meeting? They were probably beforehand discussing what was going to happen next. This was where Eloise knowledge of the future ended. She even said this out loud. They got Desmond and Widmore was going to bring him back to the island as planned. For what they don't know. My guess for Desmond to fullfill his destiny. Now its not like Widmore is nice. He killed an innocent girl Alex and changed the rules. It like he's using the ends to justify the means. Ben shot Desmond so he could bring him back to the island.

Widmore also said the island would be mine again because he was already trying to get Ben to hate him. The only reason he left was to create Penny, the love of Desmond's life. Eloise knew about this too from Daniel somehow. Desmond was Daniel's constant when he time traveled. My guess he traveled through time when he went somewhere else in the Dharma Inititative.

Now Desmond goes back as planned. Widmore and Eloise planned his coming to the island with the sailboat race. They did it again thorugh Ben Linus attempted murder. Desmond goest back to the island and gets zapped by electromagnetic energy. He gets up tells Widmore I know what to do. Widmore is like that's great. However, he's in the dark and doesn't know what is going to happen next. Although, its something to do electromagnetic pockets on the island. It seems like he wants Desmond to go into one. Maybe to prevent M.I.B from going home. Possibly to sink the island. However, this is a guess.

Maybe Widmore will die. His whole purpose to the island was to bring Desmond to the Island twice and make him into enlightened Desmond. I don't think he knew about the second part though. Also, important to note that Jacob didn't bring him to the island because he's dead. However, Jacob knew about Widmore and company. He told Hurley that someone was coming to the island. He also said that they'll find the Island. Jacob knows about this to regardless if he didn't bring him to the island or not. Jacob most likely knows what Widmore's up to. If its for good or evil who knows. Only Jacob or Widmore know. Desmond back and he's going to be a game changer. Widmore's working for Jacob. I expect Widmore to have the last laugh with M.I.B even if he dies. He'll probably say, "YOu have no idea what Desmond is capable of." Widmore a jerk, might lean toward evil but he's one of the good guys. (I hope)

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