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My theory is that not all the ghostly appearances on the island that might be construed as the Smoke Mosnter are not the monster. The producers are intentionally trying to throw off viewers and keep them guessing. Clearly, Titus Welliver’s and Terry O’Quinn as Flocke’s appearances are always the monster in human form, so we’ll skip those. In my opinion, some of the appearances are either Jacob or the Island attempting to manipulate the Losties as their manipulations sometimes run counter to the Smoke Monster’s stated goal of killing Jacob and getting off the island. (We’ll assume he’s telling the truth). For simplicity’s sake, I’m saying it’s the Island rather than Jacob/The Island.

So here’s a list in order of historical appearance based on the above assumptions:

• Christian Shephard to Locke (before 1867, at frozen donkey wheel): MiB
• Isabella to Richard (in 1867 on island): MiB
• Horace Goodspeed to Locke (unknown date, 1970s, appearance chopping wood at cabin): MiB
• Christian Shephard to Vincent Day 1, 2004 (“has work to do”): MiB
• Christian Shephard to Jack Day 3 (leading Jack to water): MiB
• Locke to Claire Day 15-16 (in dream, black and white eyes): premonition of MiB, a warning from The Island or the MiB
• Walt to Shannon Day 44 (“Don’t push the button”): The Island
• Walt to Shannon Day 47 (“they’re coming”): The Island
• Kate’s Horse Day 49: The Island
• Dave to Hurley Day 62: The Island
• Yemi to Locke Day 65: MiB
• Ana Lucia to Eko Day 65: The Island
• Boone to Locke Day 69: The Island
• Yemi to Eko Day 71-72: MiB
• Ben’s mother to Ben Day 89: The Island
• Walt to Locke (“has work to do”): MiB
• Empty Chair in cabin to Ben and Locke Day 90: MiB
• Christian Shepard to Hurley Day 91 (in cabin – also mysterious face – I believe to be Locke): The Island (attempting to warn Hurley about Locke?)
• Libby to Michael Day 97: The Island
• Christian Shepard to Locke Day 98 (in cabin – instructs Locke to move the island): MiB
• Christian Shephard to Claire Day 99 (taking Aaron): MiB
• Christian Shephard to Jack Day 99: The Island
• Christian Shephard, accompanied by whispers, to Michael Day 108 (on ship telling him he can “go home now”): The Island
• Charlie to Hurley in LA, 2007: The Island
• Claire to Kate in LA, 2007 (warning not to take Aaron back to the island): The Island
• Ana Lucia to Hurley in LA, 2007: The Island
• Jacob to Hurley on the island, 2007: The Island
• Isabella to Richard and Hurley, 2007 (telling them to stop the MiB, wearing similar clothes to Christian Shephard!): The Island

Think I got them all but I may have missed a couple.

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