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What is the significance of the Numbers? Yes, it was the candidate code for our main characters. But that doesn't explain why they were bad luck to Hurley, the hatch codes, and everywhere.

Why did they screw up Hurley's life? Hurley is not supposed to know anything about the island and his future yet, and he accidently used his candidate number. Since people who have never been to the island shouldn't be involved, his number tried to drive him insane. I think Leonard from the SRMHI had the same issue, and he was a candidate too, before something drove him to insanity. Obviously, it didn't work against Hurley. Now he can do what he wants. No idea why the numbers were involved with the hatch. Maybe has something to do with Valenzetti?

The cabin answer was not spoon-fed to us, but if you attempted to figure it out, you would. Obviously it was the MiB in the cabin. He wanted out, and needed Locke's help. He got it eventually. Ben took Locke there because he had been led to believe that the MiB was Jacob, and ruled the island, since Ben had never met the real Jacob and had no clue. MiB told Ben all of this. As for how MiB came to live there, well, he just thought Horace had built a nice summer home.

Things like Eko's death, the tailies, the others, the children/Walt, and etc. seem now to be things designed to be fillers to keep people watching the show. Reading the comments on theories it seems like much of you were angry with how the finale played out. Darlton recognized that we were all attached to the mysteries. They answered the oldest two (The Monster and Mother-MiB Adam-Eve) so we could be satisfied.

Lost was never a show about mysteries. Darlton even told us that, multiple times. It's about the characters. So don't say that everything was filler. If they never happened, then where would we be today? (I admit Expose' was a filler though.) Think about it. Walt being special led to the others kidnapping him, which sent Michael on his quest to get him back, which introduced us to the others, which linked Ben and Locke and Sawyer and Juliet and Jack and Kate, which led to MIchael dying, which led to an answer about the whispers, which led to the ALT-Awakenings, which led to the moving on.

It's not about the mysteries. It's about the characters. Every event led up to something that occured last night. You cannot deny that. It was even entertaining on the ride there.

It's all about the people.

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