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Lost and Found by Patricia

This is my first time posting so please go easy on me. I am a huge fan of Lost. I have been asking around and have recieved a few different opinions on what people think happened.

Theory: When the plane too off from Sydney, with Christian on board in the coffin, it crashed, they survived. Which is what we all think anyway. The whole white/black thing is something that we all deal with on a day to day basis. Good and evil, right and wrong and how we are all capable of something whether good or bad. The thing all the characters had in common, was that they really were deep people, even though some had done terrible things they still meant well or meant to settle the score, to make it even. Hence, Kate and Sawyer. Jack, he is one the most profound characters. Extremely smart, but still never really believed in himself because he never felt he could live up to his father. The show I believe was a story of them on the island as if they survived the crash, a story of them off the island as if they landed, and a story as if they crashed, when home then went back. Either way, as soon as they stepped on the plane they were all connected. No matter what happened on the plane, destiny meant they were all supposed to meat each other in some way. Whether in LA, or on the island, or in Sydney. All of the lives crossed many ways. Jacob and the MIB I believe were more metaphoric for people, for the characters. Jack did in fact, die alone, which is what he said from the beginning, however that was Jack in a physical form. The church scene was confusing, yes, but enough was left to interpret in a positive way. Christian and Jack are dead in the church, and it is as if people were attending their funeral. I believe the church, at the end of the finale, is the meeting place for them to be together whether they are dead or alive. For example, if I died, and I had a friend who was alive, we would have set up a place for us to be together no matter what. MIB promised people they could be with who they loved if they followed him, which I believe he could grant but Jacob could not. ALmost like selling your soul to the devil. At the same time, I feel that Aaron would have been the likely candidate to take over for Jacob. I don't want to call the church a purgatory, but more like the dead's heaven. If I wanted to spend an eternity with a person, and they were alive and I was not, we could meet at the church and be together, that is why it was not impossible for Sayid to be promised that he would be with Nadia again even though she was dead, same for Alpert. The only thing is that they were able to find a way without resorting to the devil. The thing that Desmond took out was like a cork. It was holding evil down, hence why MIB could never leave the island. When it was pulled out, all bets were off, and the island began to crumble, and it's magical powers seem to disappear. Richard Alpert got a gray hair, MIB finally bled real blood knowing he was not invincible anymore, loopholes have been found. Good incidentally in the end beat evil. Time did not exist. Jack was on the island dying, and was at the Church dead on the same timeline. Time was irrelevent it meant nothing. They could have been at the church 5 minutes after the plane crashed, or 1000 years later. Either way they wanted to be there with eachother. They each had redemption, and ended up with who they loved. There were some curveballs, definitley. Juliett being Jack's ex wife and the mother of their son. THe memories that came into people's mind was incredible. A different life that may or may not have happened. We have the struggle of good vs. evil, and three different scenarios that would have ended up the same with them all being together. I believe it was a great show and a great ending. Yes, many questions were not answered, but it kept us interested. I believe the show was more metaphoric, more emotional, more character directed. I believe it gave us a chance to look at our own lives, and see who we are. IF the plane crashed, they lived, they would have been important. If the plane did not crash and they landed, they would have been important to each other, if the plane crashed, then went home, then went back to island, they would have been important to each other. It was different scenarios being played out simultaneously in time with the end result being they are where they belong, redeemed of their goodness, finally able to let go and go home, and be with each other.

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