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So now that all is mostly said and definitely done, their are a few things that were not directly answered, one of them being why women could not give birth on the island. Well here is what i think makes the most since. It's not that women could not give birth on the island but rather women who were 'chosen' to come to the island could not give birth. It was one of Jacob's and MIB's and possibly the islands rule. Anyone chosen by the island was chosen for a purpose, and chosen to represent a piece in Jacob's "game". That being said they were not allowed to make their own 'pieces' that the island didn't already choose AKA Aaron and Alex (the babies were already on the way). But what about Ethan? He was born on the island and his Mom became pregnant on the island, well heres the answer; all the members of the Dharma Initiative found the island after scientific searching using 'The Lamp post' station, hence they were not chosen to be on the island, they simply found it and were an outside party so the rules did not apply to them as they were not part of the game. So all in all babies can't be conceived on the island because they are not the pre determined pieces in play, thanks to Jacob and the Island itself.

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