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I hate myself for hating the end... by poupeta

I'm really really sorry fans..please don't judge me..

I really am a big fan and didn't expect to dislike the ending but
I really did..

It seemed to me really sad and really hard for my hopeful expectations.

I must admit i cried at every realization of the past and my heart was going crazy during the big fight on the cliff.
Everything was going great..a really BIG finale as expected.
And then the great reunion..and BOOM!

"Jack is dead"
"Everyone dies"
"There is no here and now"

I mean come on..I never liked Christian and now with his last words he managed to ruin it all.

I expected for them to go back
I expected Jack to wake up in that bambooo forest and ran to the beach where they will be all there
I wished even though it was the end it wouldn't feel like the end

I am really sorry i 'm doing this and i know most of you will hate me but please i could really use some comforting comments.

If i had a wish i would wish the producers would make a Lost 2 so that i could see Hurley's days and losties' children come back..that could maybe make me feel better..

I'm really sorry you died Jack
It felt like hope was dying with you

I was planning on seeing it all from season one again but i guess i won't..

P.S. what happened happened - don't regret seeing it and loving it - guess i thought my heroes couldn't just die..

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