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Back in Season 4 of Lost, Jacks father, Christian, or the MIB in his form told John Locke to move the Island, which could be done by turning the Frozen Donkey Wheel made by the MIB himself. Instead, Ben turned it, and as a result, the Island was "unstuck" and skipping in time, as explained by Daniel Faraday. We never understood why until Christian showed up again telling John that JOHN was meant to turn the wheel, not Ben. And as we saw, once John turned the wheel again himself, the island stopped skipping and returned to its normal state.

Now this is a 3 part theory so stay with me for the read..

Point #1: Why did the Frozen Donkey Wheel mess up and unstick the Island from time? Lets think about it, the Wheel, to our knowledge was created by MIB himself, as a way of leaving the island. i think the unpredicted side effect of this is that not only does the person who turns the wheel move in time and space, but so does the island as well. So lets look at the wheel as a tool to remove ones self from the island than as a way of moving the island, as that the former was MIB's intent with the wheel.

Point #2: Mother told Jacob that he was always meant to be her replacement as the Island Protector, despite her statement, I think she was lying based on her history of being untrustworthy. I think she was unsure for a very long time whether it would be Jacob or MIB. Therefore, at the time of the building of the Wheel, MIB was also, and still a Candidiate to replace Mother. I think the fact that he was a Candidate while creating a wheel ended up having something to do with only a Candidate being able to properly use the Wheel without side effects, such as Time-skipping. This is why when Ben, who most likely was not a Candidate, turned the wheel, things went a bit loco, but when John, who was a candidate, turned it, things went back to being stable.

Point #3: Christian, whom for this thoery I will assume was MIB, seemed very keen on making sure that John, and no one else turned the wheel. Why? I think at that point in time, it seemed to MIB that John most likely was the Replacement for Jacob, (lets assume MIB didnt know of the other candidates) so MIB wanted him out of the way before killing Jacob, so no one would inherit the Role, and MIB could successfully leave the island. This is why he told Locke to turn the wheel in the first place, in an attempt to take him off the island and out of the equation. MIB tricked John into thinking that turning the wheel was for the sake of the island when it was an attempt to get John away from it, and eventually die at the hands of Ben.

To sum it all up, the wheel is supposed to be used a tool to get off the island, not move it; Only a Candidate can properly use the wheel without unsticking the island from time; and MIB had locke turn the wheel to get locke of the island so MIB would be in the clear to kill jacob and escape the island

I hope it made sense, this is my first theory ive posted here so please, PLEASE leave some feedback as to what you think about it!

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