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MiB's name by TheFlow

Throughout the whole season, we all have been wondering about MiB's real name and wether we will finally get to know it at all. Here's an idea about that:

When MiB (BiB) was born, Claudia said, that she had only chosen the name for one boy. As she was shortly after that killed by Fother, she wasn't able to think about a name for BiB. And that was very important.

In many cultures, knowing the name of an individual gives you power over that person (e.g. for use in a magic ritual or something alike). But what, if someone doesn't have a name at all?

He would be some sort of immune to affections of a magical nature. Is this, why MiB/BiB is "special"? Was that the reason, why Fother killed Claudia right after giving birth to the twins - to avoid that BiB would get a name?

And: could it be, that the only way to stop MiB is to give him a name and to call him by that name?

Just some thoughts...

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