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Maybe it's not a big point talking about this. But last weeks afterwork-beer a friend of mine and myself figured out why everybody "could" have seen Jacob. So maybe it's that clear to see for everybody that it's funny, someguy talking it out.

Jacob used his ash to burn it in the fire. That's the only way he could get seen by everybody. When the light turns out nobody is abled (like he told Hugo before) to see him again.

What's the point on that we were talking about was, that as Hugo talked to Jacob earlier, Jacob could get seen by everybody else already not only by Hugo. That's why the little Jacob got him to that campfire-place.

"Otherwise it would look confusing - Jacob comes to Hugo and the other three were told to walk with Hugo and Jacob, which they only can see if they throw the ashes in the fire"

So in my opinion they could see Jacob all over the radius of the light itself.

"So real-ghost-Jacob told young Jacob what to do while he was moving seats for the candidates and Kate and getting some firewood" ;)

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