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Well, every good thing in life has to end i guess.

I have to admit that even though I'm having exams and i should be studying i just can't help it.

I loved the show as if it was mine and I've read and googled for it so many times i can't remember.

When i saw the first episode i must say i thought "Come on..another show about monsters and people surviving on mysterious islands" but my instinct told me to keep watching it.

So as episodes passed i started to love every minute of it.
I still have to fight for it when people who just saw the first episode are saying bad things about it. (I can't believe some people!!
I'me so grateful i've been able to watch such a wonderful show and so sad that i don't live in the US to be able to watch all the stuff being told and played on TV about it.
But i'm most dissapointed that i won't be able to watch any other show without comparing it to Lost.
I believe that the last episode will make cry whatever the ending will be. I've lived with th elosties for 6 years and it will be hard to say goodbye.

Now i don't want to be tiring so what the final scene will be?
Well, for a very log time i believed that th efinal scene will be Jack's opening eye from the Pilot and i will stick to that.

I 've seen that moment almost a hundred times and i could swear that Jack after he opens his eyes tries to take a really big breath as if he felt he was drowning. So I believe that eventually the island sinks and somehow it all starts from the beginning.

Anyway all our theories i guess do not really matter anymore.
So goodbye Lost
Goodbye fans
It was a great journey
And thanks Dark
Aloha from Greece

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