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(This is a direct copy/paste from another forum I frequent)

I've been wondering, why did MIB remove the bomb from the Ajira plane?

I mean, couldn't he have achieved the same outcome by telling them there was a bomb on the plane, show it to them, and then let them board with said bomb in Jacks backpack?

Is that too far fetched to think would be a reasonable action by someone who wants to immediately leave the island.

I think there are two main reasons why MIB did not want to get the 815ners on the Ajira.

1. He knew for a fact that Jack would not get on the plane because Jack is dedicated to the Island meaning that it would be hard to sneak the bomb back on the plane.

2. He needs to save a candidates life in order for said candidate to die. (He's been saving lives all season btw, with Sawyer and Jack) No, I'm not saying that he can kill them because he saved their life but that even when Sawyer pulled the wires the bomb wouldn't have gone off, meaning the Losties couldn't kill each other without the MIB activating some loop-hole via a switch. IF and it is a very VERY big IF it worked that way, then by removing the bomb from the Ajira and telling them about it saved ALL of their lives, meaning now they can kill each other much more easily.

In order to grasp this you have to think of Richard and Jack with the dynamite. Richard wanted to kill himself but ultimately he couldn't and he couldn't kill Jack either. Meaning the Candidates can't kill each other either, which brings us to Sayid.

(this is an alternative to the above theory) Sayid died in the pool in the temple and then he was resurrected but in a zombified way. I'm sure that once you die you're no longer a Candidate, so ultimately the only way for the people to die on the submarine was for Sayid to try to save them all. He was no longer a Candidate, and he was dead already and by his act of redemption he unknowingly murdered four people by trying to save them. But he STILL is noble, and if it turns out this way we should remember what his attention was and that he truly gave up his life in order for them all to survive.

Remember, Richard couldn't kill jack by suicide and Sawyer shouldn't have been able to kill anyone either.

So round up on how they got killed.

1. Smoky saves their lives by removing them and telling them about the bomb.

2. Smoky activates a loop-hole allowing candidates to kill each other.


2-2. Sayid kills everyone by interfering with the bomb.

3. (remember the dynamite that Richard had again) He lit it and had to wait until the fire went all the way down the fuse to know it wouldn't explode. Same with the bomb, even with Sawyer ripping wires, they should have waited until count down finished and would have lived.

So the MIB HAD to remove the bomb from the plane, otherwise they would have left the island and he would have been trapped.

Anyway that's my theory. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

And I'd like to know your own opinions on what you think happened and why. Thank you.

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