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Mirror mirror by Monika

"I wish you had believed me!"

Its all it took to turn a Jackass to a believer. To turn a character from annoying doctor who had no answers to this man who is truly a leader.. Confident man who knows it all. This is the Jack I like. I love. And he is this man because of John Locke. Its all it took. One sentence.

But all in all it is not one sentence at all...it is everything, all that happened before. Jack suddenly realized that everything John Locke was on about is true. It matters. He is so determined now. Not to leave. Because he is not meant to, just like Locke said once upon a time...and if there is any button on this island I am sure Jack would push it, on a faith alone. And if there is any boat approaching, Jack would do anything to keep this island hidden and protected unless there are some candidates on that boat. Jack is turning into Locke. Jack is turning into a protector of the island.

So what am I trying to say? It seems like everything is repeating. Through the story of oceanic 815 we have learned what happens when you crash on this island...and from the story about John and Jack we could learn the true nature of Mib and Jacob's relation.

I think that once upon a time MiB was a believer..a man of faith. Just like Locke. He told Jacob that this island is not an island at all...he told him about its mysteries..he told him he saw and talked to dead people..possibly Jacobs mother or a father.. Just like Locke told Jack..."Your father says hello"...but Jacob never believed him..while MiB followed his faith...unfortunately towards becoming a Smoke Monster just like Locke.
And again I will repeat this. MiB and Smoke Monster are not one and the same. MiB is just a form Smoke Monster took believing he could influence Jacob via this vision of a dead friend, dead brother....he wanted to drive him insane. Just like Christian wanted not to lead Jack to the water but over the cliff. He wanted him dead. And this is why Flocke sees boys all over the island.. They are reminder that there were these boys..Jacob and MiB who are gonna get him this time because none of the people before have succeeded. In order to leave, everyone on this island needs to be dead.

So once Mib is gone /I believe he is dead/...and once he appears in front of Jacob alive /as smoke monster/ Jacob will start believing. He will get his confidence. He will be determined. Because he will not be able to live with himself knowing that MiB died for nothing. Just like Jack..who feels guilt because John died trying to talk some sense into them. I don't know about you but I was so happy when I heard him say "John Locke told me I should stay!" right before he knocked Smoke into the water.

I am positive we will hear similar dialogues /Jack and John dialogues/ from Mib and Jacob...something like "You are not suppose to do this" or "We are suppose to do this together" or even "I wish you had believed me Jacob" and the fact that he didn't, will lead him towards the role of protector..Jacob has walked down the same path Jack is walking right now.

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