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As a LOST fan, as we all are, I am on a quest for answers. We want difinitive answers to the questions we have. And though there is still some abiguity to theentire mythos of LOST, Across The Sea has provided more big-time answers than any other episode. Count them:

1) MIB and Jacob are brothers. Born of a mortal, seemingly insignificant woman. Their special natures were bestowed on them by Alison Janney, a crazy mother, just like FLocke said to Kate. Bad twins, perhaps?

2) MIB sees dead people. MIB has a gift of seeing the dead, which Jacob does not possess. Interestingly similar to Hurley's gift in the present.

3) The island has a light. Do you believe the ramblings of an insane woman about the light of the island being in all men? Or do attribute the light to electromagnetic anomolies that we have seen since season one? Or perhaps they both hold true.

4) The donkey wheel was built by MIB. To me this scene almost conclusively proves that the light IS the electromagnetism. It is also what enables time travel. I have a sinking suspicion that MIB figured out something about the time skips, and that was his intention of building the wheel. Then hundreds of years later, he appears to Locke as Christian and tells him to move the island. And the he appears IN the well agin to instruct John to turn the wheel. And remember that Christian says he can't turn the wheel... because he is not allowed to leave the island.

5) The origins of Old Smokie. He was a man. If you go into the light you aren't dead, but much worse that if you died. Or so says AJ. And I believe her. Smokie isn't dead, but also isn't really alive. And how cool is it that Jacob made his brother into the monster? And he's having a really long out-of-body experience. Which leads me to...

6) The skeletons in the cave. They are AJ and MIB. The two as-of-yet unnamed characters in Lost. The black and white stones are LITERALLY game pieces, just like our losties have been since day 1.

I particularly don't see why everyone didn't like the episode. I thought it gave us a good history (pre-Ab Aeterno history) of the island, Jacob, and MIB in an extensive, yet succinct one episode. We got answers to most of the big mysteries left, and we still have 3.5 hours left. We should all know by now, that they aren't even close to being done with the storytelling. We'll get more, don't you worry about that.

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