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The End Game by MHKM

As usual sorry if this has been said before and all that.

So as I was having the usual Wednesday dissection of Tuesday's Lost episode with my roommate, we got to talking about how it was weird that Momma really forced the position of island guardian onto Jacob, by saying such things as "You have no choice".

What is even more strange is that that is in direct contrast to Jacob's way of things. He insists that people always have a choice; "Benjamin... whatever he's told you, I want you to understand one thing. You have a choice." I am guessing he probably developed this way of looking at things through his own experience with how he was given the position of island guardian. Maybe he thought, "Damn, Mom really screwed me on this one, I won't let that happen again."

Then it stuck me, and it fits perfectly with my other theory that Jack, or the candidates in general, aren't meant to take Jacob's place but are meant to end this game once and for all.

I am proposing that since the beginning, whenever this cycle began of island guardian and the transference of said duty, that it has always been transferred by, in essence, tricking or forcing the position onto the next guardian.

What if what needs to happen is Jack willfully and wholeheartedly accepting the position, no chicanery, no "You must do this now or we're all F'd" scenario, just yes, I accept this duty and give my life to island.

And in that instant it ends.

I am not going to get into what that potentially means, but maybe a boot into the Alt? I know many wouldn't like that but that is not the focus of this theory anyway.

Hope it was at least thought provoking.

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