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I think after we all watched across the sea, which in my opinion, was the most anticipated episode this season or even in the entire series, I think most of us can probably agree that this episode was a major dissapointment. This episode raised more questions than ever when there is only two episodes left in the entire series, which I think probably pissed off many people. This whole protecting the light/energy story felt like a disney movie. Plus, they made jacob, who I thought was this spiritual bad ass character look like a jealous/whiney 43 year old man and the actress that played mother was terrible at best, I dont know if it was me but if felt like she didint know who or what her character was. This episode did not show or explain the four toed statue which I believe is way more important than the adam and eve bodys, it did not explain how the wheel was installed since the well was destroyed, and just the failure of not explaining the island made this episode such a huge failure.

Now I know you guys are wondering why in the hell am I bitching and moaning of just this one episode, because its simple, this episode was the worst episode in Lost's six year history. This was worst than the nicki and paulo story and this was way worst than what kate does. And what makes this episode even worst was this was the backstory of the two most imprtant characters in Lost. I cant lie, this episode will probably effect Lost's legacy just because the failure of explaining the island.

My theory of the island and probably the entire series ever since the end of ab abeterno and befor across the sea, was that god created this island/jail with these supernatural powers to conatin this evil creature/shapeshifter (man in black) and that jacob was hand picked by god to be the "warrant" of this jail and to show this evil creature the goodness of life and humanity. I think thats how they could of explained the devil statue in front of the island, to warn people that this island is dangerous. they could explain that this magnetic energy is the key to holding the man in black and of course this could have explained why jacob had people come to the island, not only to find his replacement but to prove that the man in black is wrong about humanity. But since my theory was shot down by across the sea, im not sure what the hell is going to happen and to be honest with all of you, Im really pissed off that they came up with this crappy backstory of two of the most important characters when they had a good three years to develop them.

Now guys, I have been watching Lost since I was 16 years old and now almost 22 this is the first time in the entire series where im actually afraid of the ending of lost, because im afraid it wont live up to its potential and not answer the most pivital answers we need, which could make this show not as good as we all thought it was. Now dont get me wrong I still believe that Lost is the greatest show ever made and im not denying team darlton but just the failure of explaining the island, jacob, mother, the man in black, the statue and etc in across the sea has made me fear the entire series of Lost. Now, I already know that there will be some sort of special bad ass ending for the characters of Lost, but what about the island's backstory.

In my opinion, The final episode has to have some way of explaining how the island was made, who made the statue, and give us more info about the Island. If they dont answer these questions than im afraid that Lost's legacy will be effected because of the failure of across the sea.

what do you guys think?

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