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Thoughts going into finale by DToccs

So after reading posts on several different Lost sites, I notice that many people are crying about "not getting answers". I really don't understand this, it seems to me that pretty much everything has been answered or will be, here are my thoughts going into Lost's final hours :

Main characters

We have been given all the relevant answers to everyone of the 815 passengers. We know what Kate did, why Locke was paralysed, who the real Sawyer was. We've seen Sayid reunite with Nadia, found out about Rose and Bernard, the producers have told us why Libby was in Santa Rosa and we know why each of them were on the plane.
We know about Ben's background, know about Juliet, know how Richard became immortal and how he got to the island. We have seen Danielle's crew get shipwrecked and killed and seen the abduction of Alex.


We have seen and know what each of the stations was for. We have seen the incident that nesscitated the Swan button pushing. We know why they were there, how they got there and why they broadcast the numbers (Valenzetti Equation). We've seen the purge and even found out info on the Hanso Foundation. Aside from delving deeper into characters like Horace, Chang and Radzinsky (which doesn't really add much to the story) there isn't much left to answer about DHARMA.

Island Mysteries

We know how and when the Black Rock got so far inland. We know how the Statue got destroyed, know who Adam and Eve are, we have seen the Temple and know what it was for. We know what the Smoke Monster is and how it was created which also tells us who and what Jacob is. We know what was going on with Christian, and what the whispers are. We have been given much more information about the electromagnetism which will undoubtedly come into play in the finale. We know why it's so hard to find the island and how to safely enter or exit it.
The only things really left unexplained are Mother and the Egyptians which realistcally are the chapter before our story and we don't need the answers too.

The only questions that really remain are :
What is the deal with Sideways Timeline?
How will this all reslove?

Personally I would like to know how Elosie got off the island?, some more info on the cabin, and the outrigger chase, but I do understand how they aren't entirely nessacary.
In closing I feel that going into the finale I am going to be satisfied that everything relevant has been answered. I may not like every one of the answers but I will still be satisfied with them being answered. I think that the people who are complaining are mostly just annoyed that their own personal theories were wrong. I say just sit back and lets enjoy the final hours of what was one hell of a ride.
And a thank you to Dark UFO for providing an outlet for my Lost obsession over the last few years.


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