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Although Jack had to ultimately find Kate in order to move on, Jack had to let go of his troubled childhood. David was a ‘being’ or a messenger who was sent to help enlighten Jack, to help him let go of his daddy issues. David helped Jack progress to a higher state of knowledge. By being the kind of father to David that Christian should have been to him, Jack finally made peace with the pain he endured of living in the shadow of a drunken father. Jack knew David only in another state of consciousness.

In effect, the entire Flash Sideways was another state of consciousness for our Losties and the other Island inhabitants who had met and once loved each other. This reality helped them to find each other again and ‘remember’ so that they could let go of the past and move on. By holding on to our pain and suffering, our heartaches and loneliness, we are not able to progress. Sometimes it takes a sacrifice in order to do this. Greater love has no man than this; that he would lay down his life for a friend. We saw this happen many times on the Island and eventually it ended with Jack.

Sawyer had to also let go of the anger over his parents’ deaths. Charlotte was sent to help him by ‘confronting’ him with the picture of his parents, but he was not ready. Miles, Kate and various ones were sent to help guide Sawyer. Not until he found Juliet and remembered their love, the one thing that would truly set him free, could he really let go.

For once I have not read another person’s recap on Dark UFO or another website. I felt that it would be best for me to put my own interpretation on The End.

The beauty of it is; the story does not really end here. We can use our imaginations to fill in the gaps! Fortunately for many of us, we’ve sharpened our imaginations by reading the literary references we’ve seen throughout the series. The smorgasbord of knowledge has been laid before us. Now it is up to us to reach out and gobble up every morsel. Helen Keller said that literature was her Utopia. The definition of Utopia from the Encarta Dictionary is: “an ideal and perfect place or state of being where everyone lives in harmony and everything is for the best”. I get that. I totally get that.

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