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Science and Faith by Nicolas Seiglitano

Hey everybody, I just wanted to share some thoughts on the finale (yeah, like everyone else). I'm from Argentina, english is not my first language so I'll try to make everything as understandable as possible.

First of all, try not to read something here and go "ooh that's impossible", because I'm talking about lost, and what I understood about the things that were presented to us.

The idea of Science vs Faith has appeared since the begining of the show, we had characters whose beliefs went as far as science and logic, and others who went even further than that.

This idea is present throughout the show, and is still present in the finale, IMO.

OK, "THE LIGHT", some might call it a light that's "life, death, rebirth", the heart of the island, bla bla. Others will say it's electromagnetism, as Dharma, who were searching for the scientific explination for everything that happened there. But sometimes, we can bring everything into logic, at least not our logic, of our knowledge, of our "life".

Someone else over here mentioned the different leveles of the reality, and I found that interesting to analyze from the science VS. faith POV.

Faith. Everything on the island happened for a reason, they all were guided by the island or god-like characters for an ultimate goal, and finale were reunited in a place they created for them to be able to "let go", and go into the afterlife. Great.

Science. Different levels of reality, what defines reality and how science goes as far as our brains limits us(I'm trying to explain that not all of us have the same limitations of what science can reach, some are more skeptick and rely on what they see, and can prove, others would go further and accept that there are things around us that is still science, but we still don't know about it).

Now, what I meant by the "different levels of reality".

LIFE is our reality, yes, that's it, what we define real is what we percive as birth, life and death. From begining to end, from Birht to Death.

That doesn't necesarily mean that's it, that there's nothing more. There were characters that were always aware of the different levels of reality, such as Hawking, and Desmond since "Happily Ever After". Hawking is more aware of the levels of reality, and more of them, I don't think she's limited to the ones Desmond is.

I also read here that Jughead didn't go off, and I'll have to disagree with that. Jughead DID go off, that's what sent them to 2007, but that's also what created this "flash-sideways reality".

Think about the evidence we have, and it makes sense.

-The season 6 premiere, bomb going off and jack on the plane, that would be a simple "trying to fool you into thinking something else" opening, but I think that's not it.
-Christian Shephard said that they created that world so they can be with each other.
-Daniel told Desmond "Just listen, what if, this, all this, what if this wasn't suppose to be our life? What if we had some other life and for some reason, we changed things? I don't want to set off a nuclear bomb, Mr. Hume. I think I already did."

I really think that the bomb did go off, it was an event big enough to affect his life in a way they would never imagine.

It would affect the reality creating an alternate universe, from that point on 77, but on another level of reality.

There are theories that say that all realities are right beside ours, paralell universess.

Sometimes it's hard to think about it, because we limit ourselves with our reality.

Imagine you're a being living in a 2-dimensional space, you know the existance of 2 coordinates, those are "X & Y"... you wouldn't know the existance of "Z", not even think about it, you couldn't go that far, could you?

What I'm trying to say is, we all live our level of reality, that's what we call life, and once we die we have the idea that we no longer exist (some have the understanding that we no longer exist on our reality, we no longer live), at that point we go into the other level of reality, some might call it heeaven or hell (that's faith) and some will accept that it's just another level of reality that we go to, and have no idea about it, and we can only experience that when we die.

Science and Faith coexist in this universe, the universe of lost, and in my head it makes sense, I'm sure there are things I tried to explain that didn't turned out as I hoped they would, try to wrap your mind around it (The basic idea that Jughead went off, affecting not our reality, but one that was right beside us, that's not bind by the laws of our universe, and of course, the losties won't be aware of the existance of this reality until they are deceased, and in the finale they stepped into another level of reality that wasn't shown to us, and that's the point, we simply don't know, we can't have all the answers, we will never know everything, we will have to accept what's to come because that's life, and we would just frustrate ourselves trying to understand everything in our universe.)

If I would express my thoughs on everything on the finale and the whole concept of LOST, this would be endless, I just wanted to explain what I thought it happened with jughead, the flash sideways, and the ending.

Sorry if you don't agree, I'll continue believing this, because in my head it makes the most sense, hope you all find your satisfying way of understanding LOST.

Thank you for reading :)

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