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What You Need To Know About Lost by ThenThere229

It is highly comical and somewhat disappointing to read the reader reactions to the finale of Lost. I look at the episode table and see it rated behind things like "Par Avion" and "Not in Portland" and I just have to shake my head.

I swear some people would have been more satisfied with Damon Lindelof sitting there for 3 hours reading off answers:

- Walt is special because he has magical psychic DNA because his mother was exposed to radioactivity when she was pregnant and so on.

I love how people say the finale proved the 6 years was a complete waste, like everything else you enjoyed about the show was completely erased because you didn't find out every minuet detail about the Dharma Initiative, Alvar Hanso, and Jacob's Mother (who was in the show freakin 30 minutes about of 122 hours).

The show was about characters and always has been. In the end, our protagonist willingly died saving the island. The antagonist died. The rest of the survivors carried on with their lives (personally I think the wreckage at the end means Arija crashed, but whether Kate, Claire, Miles etc. died then or 50 years later doesn't matter), when they all died they met up in purgatory and moved on together, when they were ready to let go...Not just live together, die alone but live together, die together.

Maybe everyone who was unsatisfied can wait until the Hurley/Ben spinoff which shows their time ruling the island or the show about Richard, Miles and Lapidus getting an apartment in Detroit and living out their existence. Personally, I was content watching us end where we started, as our main protagonist found peace and moved on to a better place with the people who helped redeem him.

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