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The Magnificent End by beerman

It took me about 15 minutes. 15 pretty painful minutes to take all of what I had just witnessed in. I would be lying if I said I wasn't growing impatient as the finale went along, wondering, how the hell are they going to end this? The final moments of Jack's journey back to where it all began were just magnificent. But when the screen turned black, I couldn't help but feel that the writers had written themselves in a corner, and they took an easy, yet beautiful way, out of it. Yeah, a lot of our questions remain unanswered, and there certainly wasn't a "no tomorrow" feeling from it.

It took a few moments of contemplation, but the simplistic viewpoint came to me. The ending transcended just the show as we know it. Christian Shephard's words speak to me now in such a way that places me with Jack in his very Shakespearian (sp?) end.

What matters is that we remember what we have watched, we experienced what we felt, and in the end, we can move on. Much like the ATL for the Losties, Lost itself is a way for us all to come together and remember the experience. Some will move on before others, some after.

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