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What Jacob should have said... by Edward Pye

Like a lot of people I was happy with the overall ending of Lost and the way they dealt with the faith aspects of the show but quite disappointed with the way they ignored a lot of the mysteries of the island.

These mysteries were what teased and frustrated us throughout the first 5 seasons and ultimately what got a lot of people involved in the show. I know I never would have found all the online fandom without the mysteries.
I felt like the finale concluded season 6 but didn't really conclude seasons 1-5. I think these mysteries could have been really easily tied up in one speech from Jacob and could have easily been delivered to the main characters in the scene where Jacob reveals the role of the candidate.

Here's what Jacob could have included in his speech to the losties:

Clarification of the rules and his part in them:

"I am the protector of the island and the protector sets the rules, but I am still only a man and some of my rules have been mistakes. I couldn't have my candidates being mothers - they would not be dedicated to the protection of the island so I made it so that no woman could have a baby...but eventually the island made me see the error of my ways and Kate proved that a mother could hold the position."

Clarification of the island itself:

"The Island is the center of all life, the light and water at the center of the island is the basic element of all reality, by journeying to the center of the island you can travel anywhere in time and space - the island can show you everything and anything you want because it taps into everything that exists but ultimately you will be judged on the actions of all your experiences."

The Temple:

"The temple was the one sanctuary of the innocent on the island. The water there was directly from the spring at the heart of the island. It has the power to heal but people healed in the spring then had to deal with the sum total of their moral lives, this was the sickness that you spoke of."

Clarification of MIB:

"My brother was corrupted by the greed of mankind and blinded by science - he didn't understand the value of the island so I threw him into the heart of the island. His body couldn't handle the amount of energy there and it tore him apart - he became a monster of all worlds, able to change into different forms and shapes. His only prison was the water of the island itself."

Perhaps these weren't the answers to these questions but I think the creators dropped the ball by not revealing these things which would have been really easy to do.

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