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I've seen the complaints all over the internet, and have wondered why people say "so they all were dead during the pilot?"

This theory can't be true due to the clues that are laid down during the church scene. For example, Locke wheels past Ben then Ben casually tells him "He can walk." Locke wasn't ever able to walk until he got to the island after the accident. The second obvious clue is when Hurley remarks, "You made a great #2." This references the scene where Hurley appoints Ben as his Sidekick. The true meaning of the sidestory was really that it was a universal heaven. If you notice in the window behind Christian stood all the religions. If you notice Sayid was in the church (He is a muslim). The sidestory was a place for them to relive their most important events in life. Such as Aaron's Birth, Jin and Sun becoming parents, Jack meeting his half-sister, and many other things. The only issue here is that they're differences between this Heaven and the Island. For one Jack has a son.

This son is what Jack was looking for all along on the Island, and the reason he wanted to guard it was because he needed something to look after. This universal heaven is a place of perfectness and little drama. You all may notice no one had actual guns in this Heaven, but only tranquilizers and other weapons. This place represented these characters lives, but also represented their hopes and dreams. These hopes and dreams could either be realized on the island (Rose, Locke, Sun/Jin), or in the sidestory (Jack,Claire,Charlie). Yet in some people's cases it worked in both stories. My only real gripe was that we never saw Juliet's sister in the sidestory and her baby that Juliet wanted so much, but I guess the writers had to not untie all the knots. We all know that a great story has unsolved mysteries, but solves the major plot in the end.

Lost over the last 6 years has questioned and inspired new thinking into its fans, critics, and the writers themselves. I am glad I decided to watch the pilot, and have enjoyed the last 6 years throughly. Thanks again Losties

-Ty Adams

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