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What The Ending Of LOST Meant by Hank Winer

Dont worry LOSTIES, Everything we have watched for the past 6 year DID happen.

When Jack laid down in the bamboo patch he saw Flight 815 fly over him then closed his eyes and died.

In Season 6 episode 1, when the plane hit turbulance, that was the moment when the plane flew over Jack on the island and Jack died. That was the moment when Jack went to the alt timeline (Limbo).

When the Ajira plane fly away from the island carrying Kate, Sawyer, Frank, Richard, Claire, and Miles. That plane made it back with out crashing and everyone on that plane lived out there lives.

Hurley and Ben stayed on the island until they died. They were able to die because the island had the "New Rules" Hurley was able to create as the new guardian of the island.

The new rules were that
1. No new candidates were needed
2. There didn't need to be a "Dark Side", only a "Light Side"
3. No one else was able to come to the island
4. The Island end one (with Hurley and Ben), Anything before that (Jacob) is just progress

The Alt Timeline was Limbo and was made by those people as a place for closure so they could move on.
The reason it was these people that needed to move on was because they were the ones that made the biggest inpact on each others lives

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