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See Ya in another Life Brother by Crip*Team KATT

Not what I expected by any means and after digesting it I understand.

First off when Ben told Locke he wasnt going in because he wasnt ready and still had somethings to do I looked at my wife and said, They are DEAD!

For those that did not get their answers about the island I want you to ask yourself this question.....

"Was there EVERY gonna be a single explanation to why the island was the way it was that would have satisfied everyone???"

Now the other thing to point out is that from DAY ONE the writers have said that this show was about the Losties and their journey not the island!!!

If you look at this way then The End was PERFECTION!

Everything that happened on the island happened...they crashed....some of them died....they left...some of the died...they came back...some of the died....they left AGAIN...Jack died...the rest of them lived out their lives in whichever ways until they themsleves died!

And because the crash was such a life changing event for whatever reason they wanted to wait for each other.

Some will say why wasnt Micheal or Walt or Eko there well because like Ben they had the choice to wait or to go ahead and move on.

It gave us a GREAT way to say goodbye to people we have let into our daily lives for the past 6 years.

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