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What Across the sea means to me and how i see the endgame by turniphead

I did not think i would write another theory before the end of season but after seeing tuesday nights episode across the sea I had a number of things that struck me and so hastily wrote them down. It may well earn a flaming as they are not so well developed but I hope that people can forgive me and can give me some good feedback and some things that i can work off. Across the sea for me was a fantastic insight into what Jacob and his brother went through and how Lost is going to end. It gave us the clues and now we can start putting it all together with what we have seen over the past 5 or so seasons.

Crux of this episode- the glowing light in the cave
First of all I want to put across my theory on why they need to protect the Island. The glowing light in the water. Most of the creation stories in this world including Christianity and Egyptian mythology stories revolve around a darkness- and water-filled chaotic world. Then the supreme being/god makes light (not a big fan of religion but have am interested in the different mythologies). This light is the life source of the world as we know it. The world is enlightened and chaos/darkness is defeated from which life itself is created, plants, animals and humans, or life, death and rebirth. Everyone person is made from that light, we have it in our self, our humanity is part of it and we would not be here on this world without the light. The light is counterbalanced with the dark. The Light is good and fends off the darkness/chaos. We each have a struggle between the light and the dark with in us. Our life should be in balance.

So I want to deviate a little into Egyptian mythology here and try to understand their creation story a little more. The Egyptian themes have been a big thing in lost mythology. We know that the episode takes place in AD23 so some way after Egyptian period, so the island has being going for a long time before AD23. The creation story in the primordial waters, darkness and chaos ensure, then light comes about from Ra or the sun god which in turn from that light a number of gods are created including Horus god of light, and Seth/Set the god of chaos and darkness who is in constant battle with the light. The Light and water in the cave may represent the beginning of life and humanity. The light itself made up from light, dark, goodness, badness, life, death and rebirth and the gods of the Egyptian parathion are the personifications of each of these aspects of the light.

The Protector
The role of the protector of the light water cave is to stop the wrong people getting their hands on it. Can you imagine what would happen to the world if corrupted people found the source of the light and its true meaning to the world. The pure light of Life that is in everyone person would die and we would be plunged in darkness and chaos. It needs to be protected from all mankind for mankind sake. It is not a choice to do it it is a need.

The protector had to be solid and a safe pair of hands. They must not be corrupted or in turn be corrupted. They must at all costs to stop people finding out about the first light. People can live on the island but as soon as the light comes in to play they are destroyed(parallels with Dharma and the swan and orchid station). Mother knew she was coming o the end of her time and when the twins arrived she had everything she needed. An heir and a spare. Mother had 2 choices either BIB or Jacob. Jacob who was dependable and told the truth or her special boy who was resourceful, strong and inquisitive, BIB. Being called special in this program should have a warning sign. When Mother showed them the cave, it made BIB curious whereas Jacob accepted that was how it was to be. Jacob knew that the BIB was most likely to be the special one and the eventual caretaker.

However the ghosts of the past on the island got to the BIB telling him about his true mother and so he questioned who he was, he rebelled against his Mother. But Jacob accepted what had happened and moved on. Yes his mother was not his real mother but it was the only thing he knew. The rebellious BIB went to live with his kinsfolk but he had an alternate motive getting to know them. He was curious about his motherland, he wanted to see it for himself but the curiosity of the what the light was what really drove the BIB and later the MIB. He went looking for cave with the strange light. He wanted to use it for his own selfish desires, to get off the island and return to his motherland. The more he looked for it and understood the way the island works (man of Science) he thought he could use it to get himself of the island. He found a way of looking for alternative pockets of the light ie pockets of EM energy.

Going to take another sideways step. Previously I have written a theory about how the MIB/smokey wanted the swan destroyed to release the energy/light (http://theoriesonlost.blogspot.com/2010/03/looking-back-with-fresh-eyes-make-you.html). The MIB knew of the EM and its link to the light. This is where my science head kicking in. How can EM and the light be connected. Basically work done by Maxwell and Faraday, suggest that EM is self propagating wave that gives off energy at different wavelengths including UV rays, ultraviolet light and our visible light energy, hence why we can see the EM energy. We see it because Maxwell suggested that the speed of EM waves predicted by the wave equation coincided with the measured speed of light, so Maxwell concluded that light itself is an EM wave. I love this program as it ties in modern science with old school beliefs. The EM energy is measured as light and can produce time- and spatial- varying magnetic fields. Time travel and changes in location. This smacks of quantum mechanic. This is my understanding of EM and Light but I have a Ph.D in cell biology not physics. I have read alot more on EM energy and how it can affect the consciousness of the brain and its potential for time travel. But not getting into that here.

By looking for the light the MIB is doing is not what a protector of the lights needs to do. The protector has to have blind faith in what he is protecting and not be tempting to use it for themselves. Mother hears from Jacob was his brother was doing and she became troubled. She always thought that the MIB would change his mind and come back into the fold to do his duty. But learning of his own selfish desire to use the light for his own purpose ruled him out of becoming a protector of the Island straight away and his mother had to do something to stop the light from becoming common knowledge to the men who are digging the well. Hence why she destroyed the camp and the men. Surprisingly the MIB could see that these men are corrupt and bad and he got that from his mother, but what he could not see was that he himself had become corrupt and seduced by the light to use it for himself. Knowing that the end was near she quickly got jacob to the cave and told him he was the protector. Give him something to take into his body to seal the deal. Meanwhile MIB is pissed and when he encountered his mother he was so mad he killed her. When Jacob saw what had happened with their mother, he saw that the MIB had to be stopped. But dam Mother had invoked some form of magic so they could not kill the other. So Jacob took out his frustrations on his brother instead using his fists and dragging him to the cave. I don’t think that Jacob meant for his brother to end up in the cave, but he brought him there to show him that he could not find it because he was not the chosen one to protect it. But going into the cave set in motion the biggest mistake that Jacob could ever make. Preventing people from finding the light was one thing but the consequence of what would happen if someone was to go in there let alone a dead body was something that was something total unprepared for.

I am assuming that since the MIB went limp when he hit his head, he was dead going in there. This unleashed one of these identities of the light that of the chaos and darkness which is known to the Egyptians as Set. I have always thought that the smoke monster was a personification of chaos and so affiliated to Set. These are my reasons: Set was the chief god in pre-dynastic times then overtaken by Horus in later times. Set is a follower of Ra and the only god that could defeat Apep. He is known as the boar that ate the sunlight. Set is the counterbalance to the the good side of the universe. He is also the god of foreigners and was given godhood over foreign lands. His colour is red and is infertile. He is a friend of the dead and in later times the god of typhoons. It is also worth noting that Taweret his concubine keeps him tethered to the northern skies, so the island may be keeping him tethered to the light hence the statue of Taweret may be dedicated to the island as it prevents the smoke monster be unleashed to the world. But I will refer to the him as the smoke monster.

In the MIB, Smokey saw everything he wanted in a person, someone driven to get off the island, to go to the foreign lands. He wanted off the island and cause chaos in the outside world. To get of the island he needed to kill the protector. But Mother was canny she put in place that the brothers cannot kill each other. When Smokey took on the persona of that dead person, he assimilates their thoughts, traits and what it means to be human. Think of when he was locke screaming at the young jacob ‘don’t tell me what I can’t do’, very Locke. But in doing so he also took on things that affected the MIB including the no killing of your brother. Smokey was screwed! To make things worse, Jacob then invokes his own rules that his brother said he could make up and so the new game begins. Bringing people to the island like they have done to centuries before but this time they are candidates to replace him. The smoke monster taking on MIB personality and speaking like his mother, understands that ‘they come, they fight, they destroy, they corrupt and it always ends the same’ so he kills them. But Jacob in across the sea, said to his brother that he watches people, he watched from afar his kinfolk but never got involved. He still does that today. Never interfering directly until Richard came along. Jacob can see that not all men are the same. Some are good and they are in balance. The Smoke monster has to abide by the rules as he is bound to jacob in his brothers form.

I feel sorry for poor Jacob, for 2000 years or so he has had to face his mistake of unleashing a monster that is using the guise of his dead brother. To face him every time you meet Jacob was facing his demons. In all credit to Jacob he does not allow this monstrous MIB to cloud his judgement but is determined to keeping him on the island and stopping getting off. He knows he could be manipulated by the false brother. He faces his mistakes head on. He is unwavering and stead fast in his conviction on keeping smokey on the island and safe in the knowledge that smokey cannot kill him. So smokey needs his loophole to kill Jacob, somebody else to do his dirty work!

The replacement
So we move on to our losties and present time. Jacob knows he is running out of time, just like mother, he knows that game is up soon. He goes about seeking a replacement, but not just someone to protect the island but someone who could end it once and for all. The game is not protecting the island from the outside world and corruption, but removing the smoke monster and sending him back into the light where he came from, more on that in a moment. When Jacob knew that the game was almost over made someone the new protector before they came to the island. He went to the candidates and gave them the protection that he had enjoyed from the smoke monster in that he cannot kill them but also the touches he gave the other candidates were to help to protect the identity of the new protector, and also help that person to realise what is going on as well as fool the smoke monster to buy time for the new protector.

So who is the new protector? Lets re examine the scene with mother and Jacob, he took something into his body after the incantation to make him the protector i.e wine. The only person that was tocuhed and given food/drink was Jack, the apollo bar! Jacob could of given the incantation then give jack the chocolate bar. The act of taking in food or drink is a way of cementing the deal. Jack is in many ways like Jacob. Both can not lie about the actions of others, young Jacob and his brother on the beach, Jack and his dad on the operation. Both were not considered any good by parents, Jacob was second fiddle to MIB, while Jacks father told him he would never amount to anything. Both are dependable, Jacob mother depended on him to be a good boy, while the losties depended on Jack. Both when frustrated with people like to use their fists. In both cases there are other better potential leaders, MIB and John both with their resourcefulness, and told they are special but that is a rod for their own back. So when Ben killed Jacob, Jacob had in place the next protector. Smokey thought he had won by getting rid of Jacob, then turning his attention to the candidates so he could get off the island. I wonder if smokey is privy to the idea that the protector has to pass on the job to next protector physically. Smokey thinks that he just has to kill the candidate but he could be unaware that a new protector is in place. Jacob was ready to died and he had everyone he needed in place. Like Jacob, Jack was in the dark about the whole thing about what the island was and through time and experience he has grown into the person who will do anything for the island. Jack wants to stay, he feels the draw of the island. He is yet to find the light and water cave. Which is the next thing i suspect we will see in the last 3.5 hours.

Ending once and for all.
The smoke monster comes from the light, the MIB know the EM is linked to the light. In my previous post, I suggest that the swan station by controlling the output of the EM energy diminished smokies powers and stopping him from fully materializing into the MIB or any human form. That escalated into manipulation of John into doing what he wanted then he had to get rid of the swan station giving him back his powers. Jacob has has to protect the light in recent times and knows that the EM is the same as the light thus initiated the purge of the Dharma as they people could then have access to the light via the swan/orchid.

Desmond is special as he has been exposed to the light/EM and he was at ground zero when it went boom and still survived. But he is not a normal person, he can see the future and travel back in time and to other side way realities. When we see Faradays failed time travel experiments on people, the result is that they are not human in a sense that we know them, they are stripped of their consciousness/soul and what makes them human. They are a hollow shell that function on autopilot. If a live person went into the cave then the same thing might happen to them. They would neither be living or dead, Half a life which is the worse thing we could have done to us. Our consciousness or soul and it is not a physical part of our body, but is what makes us human and gives us our humanity. There are some really abstract articles on what consciousness is, go and read them. In some theories on time travel there is the scope for mind time travel by our consciousness and also to another reality. I also love that that in some cultures our souls/consciousness was thought to be made up of 2 people joined together before they were separated into 2 halves by jealous gods and from then on that we are constantly searching for our soul mate to make us complete. I digress but Desmond was shown to tolerate the EM energy that Widmore subjected him to. He will play a part in the finally showdown. Also in the side ways flash the Losties seem to be looking for their soul mates the people they keep coming back to in this reality and others and Desmond is helping them to speed up the process. Love is one of the driving forces forces to bring the souls coming back together.

So how do i see how this will end. Jack needs to get smokey back to the light. It is not a case of killing smokey but he needs to be brought back where he belongs, the light needs the chaos and the darkness to counterbalance it. Everything we see in Lost is about the balance, and nothing is ever truly black and white. People can redeem themselves like Ben did in Dr Linus. The World needs to be in balance. Good and bad, In stories regarding the afterlife our hearts are weight for good and bad to determine our fate in the afterlife.

As Jack is now the protector of the Island only he can find that spring. Desmond is the one who can withstand the tolerance of the EM/Light and so can go into the cave without much harm. They have to lure Smokey to that cave and to the light. Jacob game has been trying to repair the damage he did all those many years ago when he unwittingly released the darkness. Jacob could never do it as he may feel responsible for all that has happened. For what he did to his brother, he looked after the island with a heavy heart with that reminder of what he done staring him in the face. How and what they do is anyones guess

I could be completely wrong on this whole thing but hopefully it is a start and some people can give me some feedback. I know it is hastily put together, but i love chatting about this program and I will be really sorry to see it go. All good things must come to an end. It has been a rip roaring ride and i have loved every single minute of it!

Ready for the flaming.........Flame on...

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