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As we get closer to the end, I'm having more and more difficulty accepting the idea of 'flash-sideways' - after this week's episode, my theory is almost complete!

After the Executive Producers' comment about 'no more flashbacks, linear storytelling, etc midway into the season' (paraphrased) - this was a half-truth, meant to throw us off.

I propose that it is NOT a 'flash-sideways' --- it is the same as Season 4 - a 'FLASH-FORWARD' - it just so happens that the Losties' 'futures' lie in the 'past'.

The Original Timeline is NOT 'bleeding through' into the 'flash-sideways' - there is no alternate timeline ... YET.

The introduction of 'The Source' finally set me on this path.

Haven't worked out all the technicalities yet, but hopefully :

1. MIB finds his way off the island and begins to wreak havoc on the world (vaguely remember someone saying something about the Dharma logo in the Cloverfield movie... that would be awesome!)

2. The 'free-will vs fate' outcome will be the decision to NOT take over Jacob's (or MIB's) position

3. The Losties find a way to do a 'soft-reset' and destroy the island prior to their arrival (probably will involve Desmond and the Source)

Without either Jacob, MIB or the Island to interfere with their lives, the Losties end up back on Oceanic 815 (which is why Desmond is on the plane, and Jack has the scar on his neck!).

Original passengers who died on the island are brought back to life - big cast reunion, drinks all around!

Basically, at the end of the finale, we go back to the beginning of this season -- with the universe trying to 'course-correct' itself in the alernate timeline. That's what Desmond 'wants
to show them' - he wants them to know that they CHOSE this and that their choice has changed the world for the better - despite what the 'Universe' wants ...

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