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WALT, What I wanted to see! by JahBalOn

No I will not give up I will not let go and I will not move on untill i get answers i.e. Walt - yes i know why he is special, why he was feard by the others, why he could be a threat to mib jacob or anyone in that fact, what i don't know or understand is why he wasn't used somehow - even if it was a failed attempt to stop mib earlier, somehow someway walt and his speicial power could have and should have been used. It would of been cool to watch Walt try to kill and die by mibs hands or smokeys form, and would have pleased fans to see him atleast attempt to take him out being angry he took lockes form his island mentor could have been epic but noooo .... FAIL number 1

purgatory really we figured that out after one season .... FAIL number 2

someone should of sat down and slapped ms Hawking a long time ago and said stick fate up where the light doesnt shine! It anoyed me how she didn't want things to change and that she seemed to know the future well... free will is my thing and I hate the idea of fate or destiny or that the future is said and written what the hell is the point of a choice if its already made??? ..... FAIL (personal)

Numbers satisfied answers equation for the end of the world, numbers are variables which are people jacob watched and brought to island to be candidate to stop the end of world. but is that real did he stop the end of the world? yes proof? hurley and bens empire!!!

Child birth issue was well answered if u got the clues Juliet speaking about the fetus age and daniel prooving the island is out of time with the rest of the wrold!

SLW = purgatory ok answer im glad it wasnt ALT i was never a fan of ALT, whh prooved to win out.

light/electromagnetic/god/heart/light worship = its obvious Lost is masonic and masons are a solar cult so is christianity and most religion today is simply a personification of the sun or other stars and planets.

very happy with how lost implicated subversive use of occult symbolism in its show. most people wouldnt get it but as an occultist i see exactly what message lost is sending and its masonic reseach and open your mind!

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