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Some of you guys may remember me from posting that theory about Flocke leaving the island with everyone on it dead. That was a complete joke, for the record. A plane going into F-gear for "fly"? I'm surprised you guys took me serious! This, on the other hand, is no joke. Let me know what you think! Disagree, Agree...whatever you feel like saying.

Now, as one who found the series and the ending completely magnificent, there are those who weren’t quite on the same page. Many complained that there was a significant lack of answers in the series and that the ending was a character-based cop out. I disagree for two reasons. The first being, Lost has always been a character oriented show. The show is not about the island and all it’s mysterious ways, but the people who crashed on Oceanic Flight 815. The show runners have made that very clear from the beginning. The second reason is this: there were answers. Were they laid out right in front of you? Not always. Actually, not often. You can either call this really cool since you can interpret them for yourselves, or you can just say it’s vague, and then use some sort of curse word to insult, that word likely being “bullshit”.

If you want some answers though, and didn’t feel they were explicit enough for your liking, I think I’ll help you out with that. Some of these are my own thoughts and theories, some I got from friends, and others I’ve read on here (I don't take credit for those, btw, I just can't remember who wrote them originally, so if you think it was your theory, go ahead and take credit!) and thought they were plausible enough. Oh, and I won’t be going into any of the obvious ones like “Why were their polar bears on the island???” If you watched Lost and still don’t know that….well, I'm sorry.

The Light

Okay, so we know at the heart of the island there is a very bright light that must always be protected. There is a bit of this light in every person, and if it isn’t guarded and is tampered with enough, it will go out. If it goes out on the island, it’ll go out everywhere. Okay, good enough…but what else?

The thing I liked about the light was it’s interpretive value. The light could really have been anything from goodness or love, or it could possibly have even been some metaphysical idea of God. We could also say it was pure energy, something akin to what existed before our universe did…maybe. The Dharma Initiative referred to it as “rare, exotic matter”, and we know for certain that it’s electromagnetic in it’s physical nature, so I guess it’s some sort of mixture of science and faith. That’s something I really like about Lost is it’s tendency to mix the two schools of ideas.

What happens if it goes out, though? It was mentioned that if the light went out then all of the world would die, and Charles Widmore said that if it went out that everyone would “simply cease to be”. We saw the light go out in the finale at one point. Does that mean everyone died or just didn’t exist anymore? That seems a bit implausible to me, but a friend posted an interesting idea. What if the light going out simply meant a lack of an afterlife or a soul? In the very end, the church they sat in filled with light. Was it THE Light? Who really knows? I just imagine it was something more along the spiritual side as opposed to everyone literally disappearing.

The Monster

So it’s definitely true that the Man in Black is the smoke monster, yet him actually becoming this entity is questionable. Jacob throws him down into the light of the island, and out pops the smoke….what? There are a few theories about this, although I like mine the best, and that sounds extremely arrogant. Pretty much, Jacob tosses his brother down into this cave of light, and he’s exposed to this extreme energy and when this happens it rips his soul from his body. The man in black is no happy individual though. In fact, he’s very much a man of constant sorrow. Through the years, he’s suffered so much frustration and anger, and we saw how that morphed into hatred and heartbreak near the end. I think that he was so full of all these dark emotions, that was all that was left of him. Jacob said a sorrowful goodbye to his brother, and he was right. The man who used to be his brother is dead and gone, and all that remains is a physical embodiment of pain, suffering, and darkness. “Evil Incarnate”.


Essentially, I just believe that “Mother” was one of the many people tasked with guarding the light. She obviously wasn’t the last, and I doubt she was the first. I don’t question her origin very much, because I’m quite certain that would just lead to another person before her, and someone before that, and then….yeah.
I do believe she was capable of transforming herself into a smoke monster, though. Two reasons for this.
A. How the hell else could she have destroyed and entire village, slaughtering all it’s people, and filling in a well that’s likely 50 feet deep or more? No human is capable of doing all of that in a matter of hours.
B. She told Jacob going down into the light was a “fate worse than death”. I’d say she knows this from direct experience. After waiting for so long, which I’m sure she did, eventually you just sorta think “alright….fuck it, I’m going in”.

The Rules

Mother claims that she has made it so that Jacob and MIB can never harm one another…and some found that to be a bit hokey. Myself included, really. How could she do that? Just by saying so? Even if the had to do that, wouldn’t her power to make that sort of thing true pass in her death?

I really feel that the rules are more island based. It definitely seems the island has a will of it’s own, and I’m fairly certain that it’s ultimately going to will things in it’s own best interest. Jacob is the guardian of the island, and the monster, while very powerful in it’s own ways, is bound to the source of the island. It contains him, and without it, we see he becomes a human once again. He can’t kill Jacob, as the island won’t allow him to harm it’s creator, and Jacob can’t kill MIB because he is fucking cloud of black smoke. You can’t just kill that shit.

As for the rules with Ben and Widmore. That’s a bit of a different story, isn’t it? After Alex’s death, Ben claimed that Widmore “broke the rules.” The thing is, we have no knowledge of how much Jacob actually tells his followers. As ol’ Jakey is one who thinks that mankind will ultimately make the best of choices, perhaps he has forbidden any of his people to kill another. They certainly got pretty pissed off and were about to sentence Juliet to death when she shot Pickett back in Season 3. Ben, while having banished Widmore, may still have considered him one who would follows the old code of the hostiles and respect the murdering of his own people (although I’m sure Ben knew he and all the 815-ers would be in imminent danger).
It’s just clear to me that the others have a sense of law, and even have a tribunal of sorts. I doubt they get their morals for this sort of law system from the American constitution or the bible, but rather a Jacobean influence. I just imagine “the rules” is just part of that.

The Others

So what the hell were these guys up to in the first place? I remember being disappointed at the end of Season 3 as to their overall purpose of being on the island. I suppose that these people were ones who were brought to the island for various reasons, either to do Jacob’s bidding, or possibly be candidates. There’s one thing I’ve noticed about Lost and that Jacob is one mysterious bastard. As Hurley says “He’s worse than yoda!” That he is, Hugo. That he is. Jacob is one who believes in people making right decisions on their own, and he doesn’t want to influence them if at all possible. Why did these guys have to dress up as primitive cave people? Well….I guess you could think of them as extreme hippies, really. They don’t feel a need to go shopping at J crew, drink Iced tea, and have book club meetings because they realize that they’ve been blessed. The island they’re on is a very special place, and they want to do their best to try and be in touch with that, live a simple life, and be happy if at all possible.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Woah there, broseph! Hold the damn phone! First off, we saw all of them wearing J crew and having book club meetings, and if they want to be so peaceful, why do they seem to have little problem with killing people?”

Cue Benjamin Linus here. I’m a big Linus fan, and before Jack took the spot, he was my favorite character. We know that Ben is ruthless. He is a liar, and he is a manipulator. For many years, he desired power above all else, and we have seen that he somewhat bastardized the ways of the Others. While Dogen and the other cool kids are chilling at the temple, Ben thought to himself “Well gee…why not move into Dharmaville? I think that’d be pretty keen.” I suppose Jacob, while frowning upon this, allowed for it, not wanting to be one to intervene.
Ben also answers yet another question!

The lists

As we can surmise, Ben did indeed receive his orders from Jacob via lists. I imagine they were lists of names, really, likely potential candidates. There are bound to have been hundreds of them, and I’m sure Jacob was interested in checking out people he, or the island may have brought. We do know that the definitive final list of Candidates was Locke, Reyes, Ford, Jarrah, Shephard, and Kwon, although back in Season 3 (which seems to be the year of great mysteries left unanswered, imo) Danny said “Shephard wasn’t on Jacob’s list”. Later on, Patchy told Locke and co that they weren’t on the list either. This doesn’t seem to add up, considering we know they were ALL on the list of candidates.

Again, here, this is a simple answer. Ben was lying. He was jealous, and he wanted to stay the leader. Ben was technically the head figure, but all this time, he’d never even met Jacob. Knowing that these people were very special, it seems likely to me that he was just like “oh…shit. Okay…well guess what guys? I’ve got a list of very important people from Jacob! Let’s see it’s….Bernard…Vincent…Michael…and Nikki and Paulo! They are definitely important!”

The Pregnancy Issue

This is a big one. In fact, this is the one mystery I feel was the biggest loose end on the series. Luckily, I just recently read a theory that is very satisfying. Alright, so in the Season 5 Finale we THOUGHT we saw Juliet detonate a bomb and therefore cause 2 different realities. After the very last episode, we saw that no such thing had ever occurred! So, essentially, there’s the breakdown.

The whole Jughead plan never worked one damn bit. That big flash? A portion of that big electromagnetic energy sorta “popped” and flared out, therefore sending our beloved castaways through one last leap through time. I imagine it was something akin to when Desmond turned that key in the Season 2 finale and the whole sky lit up. This also answers another question

"Why did Richard say he saw the Losties die? "

Answer: In his mind, hearing they were going to set off the core of an atom bomb, followed by a huge white flash, FOLLOWED by the fact they were all gone? He pretty much surmised that they’d all been blown to bits.

Anyway, let’s get back on track. So, now what? I’m sure there was a huge crater at the original swan site, but I imagine the Dharma folk finally went back to examine and were like “oh hot damn! There’s still a bunch of this stuff! Okay…let’s patch it up with some concrete and a swan station then.” Regardless of this, there was still a high amount of electromagnetic radiation released on the island. Again, even after this in the very early 90’s, the Others released much of the island’s natural toxic gasses to kill off the Dharma Initiative.

We’ve got a huge flare of electromagnetic energy, and a heaping high level of toxic gas released on the island. Hm. I’m sure a lot of that dissipated over time, probably to the point where it wasn’t quite toxic enough to kill a happy, healthy adult, although I’m sure a fetus would be much more vulnerable. It’s likely that in time, as they developed, they could have became very ill or deformed in such a way that it spread this illness (something I imagine to be like a cancer) to the mothers, and thus killed them.

This could also possibly tie into the whole idea of the Dharma people having those yellow hazmat suits. Maybe for a short while there was a high amount of radiation in the area.

A tiny bit of metaphorical backing for the whole idea: MIB hated his mother. I’d be willing to bet he may have put some of his black smokey magic towards this plan…as if it’s some sort of vote in the island senate.

The Food Drop

Back in season 2 the survivors found a food drop from the Dharma Initiative. This makes absolutely no fucking sense. The Dharma Initiative had been wiped out, and any communication with the corporate Dharma bigwigs was likely cut out ages ago as well. How did this happen? I was frustrated with this one too, but once again, the theories of others can shed a lot of light on things!

Let’s go to season 4, shall we? We have learned that time on the island isn’t exactly relative to time in the real world. Two good examples to refresh your memory:

1. Daniel Faraday’s rocket experiment. It was estimated to arrive in 30 seconds, but didn’t show up for nearly half an hour.

2. The doctor from the freighter washed up on the shore one morning with his throat slit. We see he didn’t actually get killed until later that NIGHT.

Essentially, if you don’t go to the island on a very specific bearing, there will be some consequences, some mild or some pretty intensely violent. Just imagine the Dharma folk were letting loose a food drop and it could have possibly been in a big storm or something. If that food drop had went off course a little, it would have altered the time it arrived in a big way. What if the wind was pretty damn intense during this storm? That would have blown it wayyy of course! That could have altered it’s arrival drastically…maybe even by 20-something years!
We can’t be sure, as they never really touched on it, but I think that makes sense.

The Psychic

Eons ago, back in the show’s first season, we see a flashback with Claire visiting a psychic as a joke. He then got very serious and obsessive with her, telling her that great danger surrounded the child and that she HAD to raise that baby. In the 2nd season, we see him again in Eko’s flashback, and we find that he admits to being a fraud. I imagine the situation here is similar to Professor Trelawney in the Harry Potter series. She’s somewhat a quack, but every now and then, she actually does something realllly psychic! I imagine this Richard Malkin guy was the same way. He actually surprised himself with an actual vision with Claire, and that’s why he was so obsessive.

What exactly did he mean though? Well, he was right. Great danger did surround Aaron. He was on an island full of crazy, horrible things. He was kidnapped by an insane woman. He survived a plane crash, and a helicopter crash. Danger city, yo.
Why did Claire need to raise him? I’m not sure the Psychic knew why exactly, but he just knew it was important. I don’t think it was a huge “Aaron is the anti-christ! You’re love must stop his evilness” idea like some theorized. I just think it was important for both Claire and Charlie..hell, even Kate. They all loved him, and he was the catalyst for all of them to remember and let go. Without him, it’s possible that they may never have done so…or it likely would have been hell of a lot harder. Not only that, he was the driving force behind Kate’s ultimate transformation arc in the endgame of the show.

Christian Shephard

. They “answered” his mysterious appearances in the show, although I think that was a bit of deception. The monster claimed to be taking on the appearance of Christian, but I doubt that quite a bit. For one, Jack saw him off the island, and yet the man in black can’t leave the island. Also, Michael saw him on the freighter, and the monster stated that he can’t just fly over the ocean, so that’s quite impossible.

No, I think Christian is a combination of things, depending on the appearance. I think Christian was the monster when he first appeared to Jack, and while he claimed to be helping him find water, let us not forget that he originally led him off the edge of a cliff.

I also believe he was the monster when he appeared to Locke in Jacob’s Cabin and down by the frozen wheel. I feel that was all part of the plan to manipulate John Locke’s death, so his ultimate plan to destroy Jacob could come full circle.
Other times, however, I believe it was actually Christian from beyond the grave. When he spoke to Michael, for instance, and possibly when he spoke to Frank and Sun over at the Dharma barracks. I also believe he appeared to Jack off the island, although if you’d rather believe that was a a hallucination, then have at it.

The Magic Box

“What if I told you that, somewhere on this island, there is a very large box and whatever you imagined, whatever you wanted to be in it when you opened that box, there it would be?”

These words were spoken to John Locke back in the third season by Ben. So…now there’s a big magic box on the island? Like, really? Well, later on Ben tells Locke that this was a “metaphor”, and I suppose it’s just that. I imagine that the island as a whole is this “magic box”, and this idea was only introduced to illustrate that island would provide what was needed. Not too much to really discuss with this one.

The Cabin

This is another mystery I considered a pretty big deal. Let’s just jump right into it, shall we? This one doesn’t have too many supporting context clues, it’s really more a fill in the blanks type deal. So we know Horace Goodspeed built this cabin for a little get-away for he and his little wifey-o. Naturally, after Horace was killed by the purge, he wasn’t visiting that cabin anymore. We can also surmise that Jacob had to meet with Richard on occasion. Jacob also isn’t very prone to inviting people into his statue house. Where to meet…..hmm…how about Horace’s old cabin? Sounds good. Let’s put some volcanic ash around it so we aren’t interrupted by that smokey bastard.

Now, according to Lostpedia.org, which is an awesome website, Juliet and Kate were attacked by the smoke monster/man in black on December 12, 2004. Ben and Locke went to Jacob’s cabin for the first time December 19, 2004. This is a one week interval /common sense. Let’s imagine a little imaginary Lost subplot for a sec, alright? Maybe Jacob staged a coup, and intentionally broke that ash circle to trick MIB into coming in for an unexpected visit. Wait…it’s a trap! Jacob then filled in the ash and trapped MIB inside!
Lololol!!! Sucks to be you, eh?

Well, a few days after that, Hurley stumbled across the cabin again, but as Hurley is a lovable bumbler he most likely broke the ring, therefore setting the man in black free once again!
As for why the cabin moves on occasion….I have no fucking idea.

The End

There are some people confused to how it all actually ended, and that surprises me. Nonetheless, here’s my take on it. You can interpret in different ways, though, so this isn’t set in stone. Okay, so to start, they did not die when they’re plane crashed. The island was not purgatory, like everyone theorized it was. Everything they did on the island involved them all being very much alive.

What we’ve been seeing all season in this flash-sideways alternate universe takes place after everyone has died. It’s a place between places. Something they all created so that they could all find each other and move on with one another. Call it purgatory if you want, I just don’t like the name. As Christian tells Jack, the time he spent with these people was the most important time in his life, and nobody does it alone. Ultimately, Lost has proved itself to be a story about people. It’s about the bonds we make, and how interactions with others shape us. Everyone came to this island with pretty shitty lives. They were lost on an island, and lost in themselves. What was the purpose of it all? To find redemption. Call it cheesy, but in the end we saw that their love and friendship with one another transcended even death itself.

There are many more mysteries to cover, and I plan on coming back and addressing more of them, I just need some extra time to add collect my thoughts on them.
Now, these are just my takes on them. If you have your own thoughts, I’d love to hear them! That’s what is so great about this show, most everyone can have a different take on things. What’s more to interpret than the mysteries we’ve already covered? What happened to everyone after Jack’s death. There’s so much theorize! I’ll be adding a mystery right here as well.

The Outrigger Shootout

In early season 5, we saw a shootout take place between Locke, Sawyer, and co, with some people chasing them in a boat. The creators said that they intended to put an answer in the final season, but soon found that there would be no plausible place to stick it in. I forgive them for that, considering we know that the on-island story goes on beyond the boundaries of what we’ve seen on the screen.

I’m sure more people kept coming to the island. That’s just the nature of the place. It draws them in. My frustration to this lack of answering has given way to my own imagination that’s curious as to who came to the island next. I imagine it was pretty soon, since they still had those ajira water bottles lying about.

We can only imagine what happened with Hurley at the helm of the island. Whereas Jacob was mysterious and distant, Hurley was likely friendly and lovable as always. Even if he kept some things a mystery, I just picture it as being a phenomenally great leadership dynamic with these two amazing gents in control.

Them+Desmond=nonstop fun.

Not only that, but all the off-island stuff to consider. How they hell are they going to explain how an airplane carrying the Oceanic 6 disappeared for 2 weeks, then returned with most of the passengers gone, and 3 new people that weren’t on the plane to begin with? I’d love to see Claire re-unite with Aaron, and Kate helping raise him. Imagine Sawyer meeting his daughter Clementine. Kate coping with the loss of Jack, and Richard living his life in the real world, actually aging this time!
Just so much goodness to ponder.

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