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I do not believe that jack just 'dreamed' the whole past six seasons. Basically there were two timelines that diverged when the bomb went off -- the 'ATL' and the island timeline.

in the alternate time line, the bomb went off and killed them all (which is what Sawyer thought it would do). So they're all dead. I can't say I'm crazy about the reveal, but it doesn't mean that the island was useless, a dream, etc. The alt timeline was the process of them realizing that they are dead and that they need to move on.

The island timeline concludes the main narrative arc of the show quite neatly; Hurley is the new Jacob; Ben is the new Richard. They need to protect the island from future human intervention. The rest of them survive and get away on the plane. Flocke, Locke, and Jack are all dead.

Actually i kind of like it, because it allows them to have both a metaphysical ending and a more 'realistic' ending (meaning, consistent with the reality we've been shown over the past six years). The alt universe really just deals with the characters.

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