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As I begin to type this just twenty-one minutes after the finale has ended, I could not be more displeased with some of my fellow LOST fans than I am right now. As I saw Jack's eye begin to close, I was inches away from balling my eyes out. To see the six year journey end where it began, with Jack and Vincent in the bamboo forest, it was magnificently done.

Many people are angry because of the direction they took the show. I have already seen people curse at Damon Lidelof, calling him a liar. Before this episode, people built up in their minds exactly what they wanted to happen. When it didn't happen, people became angry. I think the end was brilliant. To find out that the ALT timeline was a sort of purgatory for the losties to let go of their troubles and grudges, it was perfect. Seeing our favorite past characters end how they never got to, seeing emotional reunions, or my favorite scene of Locke forgiving Ben, it was excellent.

Not to mention the reveal that Hurley was the chosen one to protect the island all along, I couldn't have been happier with that.

I might get a lot of persecution for this post, seeing as many people felt The End was unsatisfactory. But i felt this was the perfect end for the most amazing, breathtaking show to ever air on television.

Well, this is The End. No more posts, no more Dark UFO, no more of Sawyers nicknames or Hurleys star wars references. No more Locke, no more Jack, no more LOST.

Well, see ya in another life?

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