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Thoughts of the Show by OpenYourEyes

For the past couple months I would come to DarkUfo and read almost everyone's theories. I also would read lostpedia. I basically knew every question all the hardcore lost fans had...

..Initially, throughout the season, I was very pissed off that many of the questions that hardcore fans had were either not answered (Jacob's cabin, Walt's Powers) or answered very poorly (Statue getting destroyed)..

After seeing the finale I have to just say one thing to every hardcore lost fan. OPEN YOUR GOD DAMN EYES. It is every hardcore fan's own fault for not enjoying the finale. Why? Because they set such high standards for the show after each new episode! This site made me feel that the writers just completely gave up with the show..But I was wrong!

Take a look at Star Wars for example. Where did the Force come from? Does anyone even care? many people loved star wars. Considering Dragonball Z, why were saiyans able to turn super sayain? Its just understood that they can do it. In the Superman Comic, Why is Superman's weakness kyroptonite? HE JUST IS. There are no CLEAR cut explanations. They are just simply accepted?

So why do people have such huge issues with the show and the finale?

In my opinion, the show ended perfectly. Yes a lot of things were not explained but who cares? The point of the show was the characters and the ending concerned the characters lives and interactions with one another.

If you feel like you were robbed of a finale, I just feel really sad for you. You spent a whole lot of time not understanding the point of the show. If you really want to complain that you did not get a silly answer concerning what Faraday did in Ann Arbor, for example, then you seriously should consider NEVER watching any SCI-FI shows.

Just like Jacob's and MIB's fake mother said, "whatever question you ask me will lead to just more questions". Thats the truth. Answer one question, the hardcore fan will have 3 to follow up.

Thank you DARKUFO for supplying me with great updates and news about lost. And thank you LOST for a great six years :)

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