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Smoky by SDR

Before I get started I want to say I loved the ending and while it didn't answer everything I can accept it. And I have a few theories but I can't be sure so I just want to get other people's opinions. First, the Smoke Monster, I am curious if anyone has theories on what the smoke monster was I'd like to hear them because while one could say it was jacob's brother, who by the way they said his name would be important although they never named him but that's another point. However, The smoke monster simply appeared just like when he took on the shape of Locke and Locke's body was left there like Jacob's brother, so I believe that the smoke was what Jacob's mother meant by a fate worse than death in that I don't believe the smoke monster felt anything by that I mean hope or pain all he felt was anger and frustration becuase the bullet's couldn't hurt him and he needed to remind himself he was human once. the hurley bied is something many people wonder about but I believe it was just the Island's way of telling him he would be important to the island. However they never answered or even showed Walt or explain what made him "Special" so if anyone has an idea I'd like to hear it. While not a spoiler or theory I like the fact that Ben chose to stay in purgatory because he was the most evil character and did the worst thing's throughout the show so he had the most to make up for.

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