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They are just Kids by Lost in Translation

Something popped into my head while I was thinking about when Flocke (MIB) saw the ghost of teen Jacob. If the ghost of Jacob is a teenage boy, then that is the age Jacob actually died.

And so my theory is....

Their Fother (Fake Mother) killed them when she made it so they could never hurt each other by drowning them in the water spring that is now covered by The Temple.

The stream of water that flows down to where the Light is, is also the source of the water that flows up into the water spring in the Temple. Which means that the Light is somewhere under the Island.

This would explain why they dont remember their Fother killing them, because Sayid had no clue what happened to him after the water spring at the Temple brought him back to life as well.

Why would their Fother want to make them so they couldnt hurt each other? Because that's what everyone that comes to the Island does, they hurt, kill, and destroy each other and their Fother wanted to break the cycle.

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