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Most important line in lost... by CodyLee

Consider the line, “I only had one name.” As we have all heard from the first mention of his name, that Jacob was important. He is the protector, he is looking for a replacement, and he is keeping the evil in the wine glass. It was supposed to be Jacob. However, the black smoke is killing people on the island. The MIB/Smoke does not want people to come to the island and just wants to leave.

What if the MIB had been born first, instead of second? His name would be Jacob. The real mom only had one name. This new Jacob/MIB would have been special and had a commune with the island. The new Jacob/MIB is literally already protecting the island. But there is a problem…He doesn’t want the job. Our Jacob knows that his job is to keep the protector on the island (Jacob/MIB) and if our Jacob dies he will have to find another to person keep the new Jacob/MIB there.
Perhaps our Jacob finally figures out that it doesn’t matter if he is replaced because the actual Jacob/MIB won’t stop killing candidates.
There needs to be a new smoke monster on the island that willing to stay. That is the only way to break the circle of the smoke trying to escape. The smoke protects and it needs to be there to protect the light. If the smoke doesn’t want to be there it will never stop trying to leave but a willing smoke will stay and end the need for more loopholes and counter moves. The candidate is Jack and the Substitute is Desmond. One will become smoke and the other will keep the smoke company.


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