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A theory of Fiction by crernst1111

So I've been thinking about this whole LOST experience and I've come down to one specific idea. THose of you who didn't like the ending should understand this more than the rest because it is you who this is directed.

Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof wrote this story with three things in mind: Star Wars, Narnia, and Oz.

Clearly, then, this whole Lost world is nothing more than fiction. It is clear from the outset that all of their ideas sprung from the reading they did throughout their lives and they used those pieces of fiction to create their own world, their own piece of fiction. They peppered in philosophies, sciences, and religions, because, great storytelling is always fundamentally based upon mythologies and archetypes.

You don't need to ask what the Hurley bird is.

You don't need to wonder why Libby was in the institution.

You don't need to wonder why the smoke monster clicks.

The writers clearly directed the main idea of the finale towards those of you who cannot "let go" of these frivolous ideas and "unanswered questions". They were telling all of you to "Let go" of your unwaivering stubborness to question every single miniscule mystery of their fantastic story. We don't have all the answers on our planet, so why should we expect to have all the answers on our cork island...a ficticious island set in Oz/Never Never land/Wonderland/Narnia/A galaxy far far away, etc.

THis show was never about mysteries alone. The mysteries made you obsess with it, just as the mysteries about the Holy Grail and Knight Templars cause their adherents to obsess about them. The truth is, the story of the Holy Grail is great because of Arthurian Legend as well as the mysteries, i.e, the Characters and the Mystery of the Missing Cup of Christ or Womb of Mary M, or whatever.

YOu will never find the Holy Grail, just as you will never understand the Hurley Bird, so "Let GO!!" And let this fantastic story take you in again as we all watch it from Season 1 to Season 6, and probably again.

Remember the first time you saw FIght Club...remember the second time you saw fight club and all the things you missed!!! Remember watching Airplane again for the tenth time and catching that missing joke you never heard the first nine times...that is what we all should be doing with Lost now.

If you do that, you will understand and like the finale just as i did. It was the greatest finale I've ever seen, and the only way to have finished this show. So, tune in, turn on, drop out, and Let GO of the mysteries or you'll never be happy in life with anything.

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