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Desmond has always been a key figure in setting up the story for island's outcome. (E.g. 'The Constant' from season 4 setup the 'island disappearance' event in that season's finale). Above link shows the Einstein-Minkowski triangle that Daniel showed to Desmond when he is sent to the parallel universe by Widmore's electromagnetic field experiment. Daniel shows this triangle scribbled in his book. As you can see it is a right angled triangle with sides named real time (vertical), real space (horizontal) and space time interval (hypotenuse). The right angle point could be termed as the incident where the hydrogen bomb was detonated at the end of season 5 splitting the space-time continuum. Real time is the current island while real space is the parallel universe (see imaginery time noted under real space and imaginary space next to real time). Desmond's mind/body could have traveled (with speed of light) via hypotenuse of the triangle with elec-mag energy. If Desmond has always formed the theory for island's future outcome then this could very well be used in the finale by space-time travel. Triangle in above link does not show space-time invariance circle, but Daniel's notebook has it. This circle intersects the triangle's vertical-horizontal sides at two points. Beyond which travel from real time to real space or vice versa seems difficult/impossible due to 'invariance'.

Also notice the dotted lines. Separation between two events in space-time continuum is measured by spatial and temporal separation. The separation between two separate events on real time and real space in the image is shortened by time-like motion (vertical dotted lines) and space like motion (horizontal lines). Each such motion turns this rt angle triangle into obtuse triangle. The triangle point gets closer to the hypotenuse. I wonder how this could be achieved if ever the intention is to follow this path but definitely not ignorable.

Also the reason, I think, Desmond is on the plane (even though he was not in the previous real timeline of season 1) is because it is in imaginary time and real space. The island is sunk below the water and I guess this is what Locke means in 'what they died for' when he says I am going to use Desmond to destroy the island. Which I guess is already happened as seen in imaginary time but real space event in season 6 opener. Widmore has some good intentions and uses Desmond to help other passengers realise (with the help of 'concert') of the flight that they belonged to someplace else. MIB/Locke realises that the island is too powerful for anybody to live and get themselves destroyed in the process of protecting the source of life on the island. First he finds loop hole to kill Jacob and now he needs to get out of the island so he is going to use Desmond in the EM tunnel to reach Tunisia right when he sinks the island. This will be a character flip and MIB/Locke will come out as a real hero.

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